4th Anniversary Party - Kariada's Review

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By: Kariada Kunai in the Tower Parties Forum on the Old Boards

This was my first ever Tower event, and really set high standards for future parties!

There were a lot of firsts here- first party I went to, first I helped plan as department director, first time I met Mother, and my HoA, Elanda, first time I got to meet my nearsis, Jen!

We reserved gorgeous cabins in the Colorado mountains outside of Denver. I went up early in a carpool with Marlinya, Mother, and Nadine to get stuff in order for everyone's arrival. The trek up the mountains was beautiful!

I am still amazed at the location of this party. It was absolutely perfect. The cabins were spacious and had everything we could have wanted. We were able to have a WoT-style night at the Old Warder and Hen, complete with bar wenches (that was me!), mutton stew, a slave auction (of course), and dancing. Riley played the ever-hospitable innkeeper. It was a very fun night.

Saturday gave lots of time for hanging out with Tower members. Those interested were also able to go sledding or horseback riding, or take a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh. I decided to hang out at the cabins. Among other things, I remember a quite disgracing game of Scrabble with Elanda and Bale (I'm horrible at that game!!).

I thought Friday night was great, but Saturday night's ceremonies were unforgettable. Everyone was dressed in more formal costumes, and there were plenty of Aes Sedai running around with shawls. Mother gave a great speech, and then everyone got to make a toast. We had awards, and a Gaidin competition, and raisings. And afterwards, another great PARTY!

On Sunday, everyone packed up to leave. We ransacked an IHOP in Denver (their "lovely party of 60") and said our goodbyes.

I didn't get to talk to everyone at the party, but those I did get to spend time with, it was great. Thank you everyone for making this such a great party for me! You know who you all are. ;)

This was such a memorable event for me, and the first of what I hope to be many future events with great friends!