4th Anniversary Party - Valadilene's Review

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By: Valadilene Aldieb in the Tower Parties Forum on the Old Boards

This was also my first official Tower party!!! It was great to have it held in my own backyard (about 3hrs from home)!!! It made for easy introductions by helping out with the Welcome Committee! I got to meet soooo very many of the people I talk to everyday and some I'd never met. Those friendships have really grown!

It was an amazing experience to be raised to Accepted by Mother. The ceremonies were wonderful and it made one of the best memories I have!

I think the most fun was going horseback riding with everyone! I rode behind Bakure, who'd never been on a horse before. We both rode draft horses which was a new experience for me as I am used to more normal sized horses!

The lodging was perfect, the food divine, and the company second to none! I wouldn't miss the next one for all the Dark One's luck!