A Gaidin's Toast to the First Gaidin

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by Bakure Mazayed

Hail Dragon!

The first Gaidin
The first Aiel warrior
May the sun shine upon you
May the creator shelter you
May you always find
Water and shade
Upon his shoulders
Rest the mantle
Surely and quietly
He bore the burden
Knowing the end
Even within the shade
He knew us then
With waning strength
Precious minutes given
Recording their future
Comfort in knowing
His greatest friend
Would see to the end
The world which
We all cherish
That we can view
His work made whole
So we may once again
Ride upon the winds
The winds of change
Which have no beginning
Which have no end
Turning the wheel
Heralding an age
Of enlightened growth
Now made bittersweet
With his absence.