A Memory of Light: Chapter 24

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To Ignore the Omens

Chapter Icon: Insect like Helmet

Points of View: Fortuona, Lan, Elayne, Rodel



Fortuona's Point of View:

Location: Ebou Dar

Characters: Fortuona, Beslan, Galgan, Mat, Selucia, Yulan

Fortuona watches Mat, as he prepares the army. She summons him and proclaims that he is to be named “Knotai”. He is also named as Rodholder, which meant that if Galgan fell, then Knotai would assume contol over the armies. They learn of the assault on the Amylin’s camp and Knotai wants the armies to move immediately. As Fortuona is the penultimate leader of the forces, Knotai convinces her to give the order to move.

Lan's Point of View:

Location: Tarwin's Gap

Characters: Lan, Andere

Lan receives orders from Agelmar in that his forces would hit the Trollocs face-on. The plan seemed sensible. Agelmar had complained of troubling dreams.

Elayne's Point of View:

Setting: Cairhien

Characters: Elayne, Aludra, Birgitte, Talmanes

Elayne has her troops positioned to face the Trolloc army. As she begins to address her troops, the sun was occluded with something dark in front of it. She rallies the troops with her battlefield speech. Elayne insists on being part of the battle since she is also a channeler. The battle begins and Elayne realizes that Birgitte had been right to fear the power of the dragons.

Rodel's Point of View:

Location: Thakan'dar

Characters: Rodel, Alsalam, Awlsten, Zaida

Zaida tells him that the Windfinders battle the Dark One with the Bowl of the Winds to keep everyone from being destroyed by tempests. He tries to remain focused on the task at hand of defending the valley. He releases burning logs on the Trollocs and they are then driven into a wall of brambles. This left the bulk of the Trollocs frozen in the pass. Asha’man, arrows, rocks, most everything was hurled at the Trollocs. The Trollocs broke away for the day.


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