A Memory of Light: Chapter 25

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Quick Fragments

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Points of View: Siuan, Rand, Lan, Perrin



Siuan's Point of View:

Setting: Kandor

Characters: Siuan, Doesine, Gareth, Egwene, Saerin

Siuan breathes easier when Egwene rejoins her and Bryne, along with Doesine, Saerin and several other Sitters. They were at the southeastern tip of Kandor because Bryne chose it as the terrain gave them a small advantage. Siuan tests Egwene to be sure that she is who she says she is. Egwene orders that they hold at the river unless the losses become absolutely unbearable. Raken scouts passed overhead. Rand had sent a message via Min that the Seanchan fight the Shadow. Min was currently working for the supply masters as a clerk. Egwene orders that the battle lines be ready and to keep an eye on the Seanchan in case of an attack.

Rand's Point of View:

Location: The Pit of Doom

Characters: Rand, Moiraine, Moridin, Nynaeve

As he enters the cavern, the Dark One senses him, so the dagger had worked to shield him from the Shadow. The cavern seemed to lower as they walked with Nynaeve at his left and Moiraine at his right. Rand announces that he won’t come to Shai’tan on his knees and the rocks retreated. He senses though his bond that one of the women was in trouble. Moiraine cautions Rand to not touch the darkness. As Moridin speaks, Rand raises Callandor and its glow reveals a husk in the shape of a man with no eyes. Rand waves Moiraine and Nynaeve back as Moridin raises his sword. Moridin denies his chance to return to the Light, instead holding to the promise of oblivion. He attacks.

Lan's Point of View:

Location: Tarwin's Gap

Characters: Lan, Andere

After suffering some wounds, Lan orders for his troops to fall back. He sees two sets of reserves come to close the gap that they had left. He decides to check on this error.

Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Tel'aran'rhiod

Characters: Perrin, Cyndane, Gaul, Lanfear, Nynaeve

Within Tel’aran’rhiod, Perrin notes that Rand has entered the Pit of Doom. Perrin had seen Graendal earlier and tracked her here, but she Traveled to the real world. Perrin is told by the wolves that Slayer is in the passage to the Pit of Doom and sees him drawing his bow to his cheek , as there were two men locked in battle & two women, as if frozen. Perrin slaps the arrow with his hammer and Slayer shifts. Perrin and Gaul follow him into a group of the red-veiled Aiel. They battle and the wolves join the fight. Slayer and Perrin continue fighting with Slayer sometimes shifting into the real world. Perrin engages two of the red-veiled channelers and takes them captive. Lanfear tells him to kill them. Perrin asks if killing them in Tel’aran’rhiod would kill them forever, Lanfear states that it doesn’t work that way for men. Lanfear states that the teeth were filed on these two and that meant that they had been Turned. Gaul slits their throats in mercy. Perrin gets Lanfear to heal Gaul. Perrin knows that the veil between the two worlds was thin here and he sends a message to Nynaeve that if she wants to make a gateway, then she’ll have to create it in front of the cavern. He placed the dreamspike so that the bubble was large enough to fit inside the cavern and shelter Rand, the Bore and those with him. All of the borders save the one here at the front were inside rock. Slayer would have to enter through the front. Perrin sets the wolves to protect the entrance. Perrin is curious as to what Graendal was doing.


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