A Memory of Light: Chapter 27

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Friendly Fire

Chapter Icon: Rising Sun

Points of View: Gareth, Min


Bryne sends Min to Fortuona to ask for reinforcements.

Fortuona appoints Min as her Truthspeaker.


Gareth's Point of View:

Location: Arafel, on the border to Kandor

Characters: Gareth, Siuan, Holcom, Annah, Min

Holcom reports the status of the Aes Sedai lines of defenses, which are still holding. The lancers at the ford took a lot of casualties, among them Joni Shagrin. Uno has taken up his command position.

Bryne sends Annah to ask Fortuona for cavalry reinforcements, but a raken flying overhead is killed and crushes her when it hits the ground. Min offers to go in her stead.

Min's Point of View:

Location: The Seanchan camp in Arafel

Characters: Min, Ashmanaille, Catrona, Fortuona, Galgan, Mat, Tylee

Min Travels to the Seanchan camp and is made to wait, because new messengers first need to be cleared. Catrona takes her to the command post, where she meets Mat. She tells him that Bryne needs cavalry reinforcements. Mat sends Tylee and her First Legion.

After Fortuona has entered the room, Min describes a Viewing she has of Fortuona to Mat. The other woman overhears and once she has ascertained that Min is what the Seanchan know as a Doomseer, she names Min her new Soe'feia.


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.

Vision and Prophecies

Min's Viewings
  • (About Galgan): "A dagger rammed through the heart of a raven."
  • (About Fortuona): "A bloody flower around her head. A death lily. Someone is going to try to kill her very soon." .
  • (About Fortuona): "I see a bloody death lily, as I told Mat. And three ships, sailing. An insect in the darkness. Red lights, spread across a field that should be lush and ripe. A man with the teeth of a wolf.".

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