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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Tylee Khirgan is a Lieutenant-General of the Ever Victorious Army, in service to the Empress of Seanchan. She is very dark of skin, tall and lean, but with broad shoulders and gray at the temples of her tightly curled black hair. Her only two visible scars are on her left cheek and her forehead, taking a part of her right eyebrow (KoD, Ch. 4).

She is going to be raised to Lieutenant-General and the low Blood (KoD, Epilogue).


  • Tylee leads the Seanchan delegation to meet with Perrin. Both sides are accompanied by more men than agreed to; they ensure each other that they will not attack and the men who guard their backs retreat. Perrin gives up his "claim" on Manetheren (which never existed in reality), if they will help him free Faile. When Perrin tells Tylee about the number of channeling Wise Ones with the Shaido, Tylee wants to take back her offer to help Perrin because she does not have the resources to counter the channelers. Perrin brings up forkroot and Traveling, and he shows Suroth's order to Tylee. Tylee considers Perrin's plan and agrees to help him (KoD, Ch. 4).
  • She rides with Mishima and Perrin to Almizar to get another raken plus fliers and carts. Then she heads off to the forkroot manufactory to demand all the forkroot they have in stock. The Imperial functionary does not want to give them what they want until Perrin takes out Suroth's order. Tylee was sure they would not get away with a few hundred pounds. When Perrin is hit by an arrow, Tylee sends Mishima to inspect the building the arrows were shot from and tells Perrin that her eyes are lowered for not taking enough care (KoD, Ch. 12).
  • When Perrin returns from the aqueduct near Malden, Tylee tells him about the report she received from a scouting morat'raken. Seven thousand deserters of the Children of the Light are about fifty miles away from her camp, though they are moving north, and two bands of Shaido are approaching Malden (KoD, Ch. 26).
  • Before the actual fight against the Shaido, she sends her lieutenant Gueye Arabah to Perrin to let him know that two bands of Shaido are approaching rapidly and wants to know if that might alter their plans. She suggests moving the Altaran lances to him. Perrin intends to go proceed as previously agreed to and sends Arabah back with that message. Tylee later leads the Seanchan forces against the Shaido at Malden to free Faile, as agreed with Perrin (KoD, Ch. 29).
  • During the fight, she confronts and captures Sevanna. After the fight, she rides up to Perrin again and tells him that most of Masema's men are dead or dying and her Altarans are burning the Shaido's weapons. Perrin introduces her to Faile and Queen Alliandre and tells Tylee that Ghealdan is under his protection, so he will not let those who rank above her have it (KoD, Ch. 30).
  • In Ebou Dar, she goes straight to Tuon to tell her about the Trollocs. Tuon decides to have Tylee thoroughly questioned (TGS, Ch. 19)
  • When Tuon says it is more important to subdue the Dragon Reborn, Tylee disagrees and tells her it would be better to try and find allies (TGS, Ch. 19).
  • He finds her wating, under Bryne's orders as the Sharans overrun Bryne's forces (AMoL, Ch. 29).


Tylee seem to have a good relationship with Bakayar Mishima, the Captain under her and possibly her second in command, because he accompanies her everywhere. However, she disapproves of him listening to rumor and repeating it (KoD, Ch. 12).

At first glance, Tylee was glad that Perrin does not call himself the Wolf King, because of the Seanchan prophecy (KoD, Ch. 4). She is impressed by him and his connections and believes that his life will make a story one day (KoD, Ch. 12). Perrin, on the other hand, considers his deal with her to be like being on the Dark One's side, but he later realizes that this is not the case. He even comes to like Tylee (KoD, Ch. 26). After the fight against the Shaido, he considers her a friend, because she is "stalwart and true to her word." Likewise, Tylee likes Perrin and offers him the use of her first name instead of her title. She also hopes to never have to fight against him (KoD, Ch. 30).

Because of her Seanchan background, she is uncomfortable around Aes Sedai, whom she considers to be marath'damane. She seems to think they might go mad at any minute and finds talking directly to them difficult (KoD, Ch. 26).

Breane is intimidated by Tylee (KoD, Ch. 26).


  • Suroth strips down a vast amount of raken assigned to Tylee to make them available to Lieutenant-General Turan and his search for Ituralde (KoD, Prologue).
  • She said she would love to present Sevanna to the Captain-General (KoD, Ch. 4).
  • She is astonished about how loosely Perrin runs his household, because she is not used to it (KoD, Ch. 26).


"We have stories about Manetheren. That would be brambles underfoot and no boots. Half of Amadicia is buzzing with talk of you and that banner, come to bring Manetheren alive again and 'save' Amadicia from us." (Tylee to Perrin; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 4)