Aemon al Caar al Thorin

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Aemon al Caar al Thorin was a king of Manetheren during the Trolloc Wars. He was married to Eldrene ay Ellan ay Carlan. His father was Caar, and his grandfather was Thorin (TEotW, Ch. 9).

Aemon was fearless and had a courageous heart (TEotW, Ch. 9).


  • The men of Manetheren win a victory at the Field of Bekkar, also know as the Field of Blood. Hearing that an army of Trollocs was moving against Manetheren, they marched day and night until they reached their homeland, prepared to defend it (TEotW, Ch. 9).
  • Aemon sends out messengers asking for help in defending Manetheren against the Trollocs. He is promised help if his men can hold out for three days (TEotW, Ch. 9).
  • Even though the odds should have overwhelmed Manetheren within an hour, they held out for nine days, and on the tenth, Aemon knew that he had been betrayed by his allies and that no help was coming (TEotW, Ch. 9).
  • Knowing that no help is coming, Aemon crossed the Tarendrelle, destroying the bridges behind him, and told his people to flee. Instead, the people of Manetheren, even the civilians, banded together to fight off the Trollocs (TEotW, Ch. 9).
  • Aemon died during the battle. Eldrene felt his death and used the One Power, surely aided by a sa'angreal, to destroy the Trolloc army, saving the people of Manetheren but destroying the city, leaving nothing but its Waygate (TEotW, Ch. 9).


  • The site where Emond's Field is located used to be known as "Aemon's Field". It is where Aemon and the men of Manetheren made their last stand (TEotW, Ch. 9; TWoRJTWoT).
  • Aemon's personal war cry was "Carai an Ellisande", which means "For the honor of the Rose of the Sun" (TEotW, Ch. 18; TWoRJTWoT).
  • When Mat uses Aemon's ancient battle cry without knowing what it means, Perrin later says that maybe Mat is Aemon come back again (TEotW, Ch. 19).
  • Mat has a memory of leading Manetheren against Trollocs. It is possible that his memory comes from Aemon (TEotW, Ch. 19).


"Their King was Aemon al Caar al Thorin, Aemon son of Caar son of Thorin, and Eldrene ay Ellan ay Carlan was his Queen. Aemon, a man so fearless that the greatest compliment for courage any could give, even among his enemies, was to say a man had Aemon's heart." (Moiraine to the people of Emond's Field; The Eye of the World, Chapter 9).

"Aemon crossed the Tarendrelle," Moiraine told them, "destroying the bridges behind him. And he sent word throughout his land for the people to flee, for he knew the powers with the Trolloc horde would find a way to bring it across the river. Even as the word went out, the Trolloc crossing began, and the soldiers of Manetheren took up the fight again, to buy with their lives what hours they could for their people to escape." (Moiraine to the people of Emond's Field; The Eye of the World, Chapter 9).