Caar al'Thorin al'Toren

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Leora Oldessroth


Caar was the son of Thorin al'Toren al'Ban, King of Manetheren during the Trolloc Wars; Aemon was his son. After Mordeth's evil poisoned Aridhol, Thorin sent Caar to Aridhol to bring the nation back into the Second Covenant. Balwen, the king of Aridhol, who was under the influence of Mordeth, ordered for Caar to be killed (under the pretext that he was a Darkfriend).

Caar managed to escape before his execution and fled to the Borderlands with Mordeth's assassins chasing him. Caar met and married Rhea (who did not know he was a prince) and so set in motion the events that led to his death at Rhea's hands.

When the armies of Manetheren marched on Aridhol to avenge Caar, all they found was the empty city and Mashadar.

Caar came to be called Caar One-Hand; while no explanation for this name appears in the books, it seems likely that he lost a hand somewhere in his journeys.

(Reference: The Eye of the World, Chapter 19)