Avatar Makeover: Inanna Landred

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Author: Theolyn Maryash

20151222 Avatar-Makeover zpssiy3hhu4.jpg

In this month’s search, we’ve wandered around the City and made sure to introduce ourselves. Of course, it wasn’t before long that we were heartily greeted, and just like that, we could start with another makeover!

Who is this person that we could not resist? Oh, you must have seen her around – whether you are a brand new visitor or a long-term member, whether you’ve just discovered our community or returned to it after years/months/days/hours, this wonderful lady will always welcome you (back)!

By now you know that we are talking about Inanna Landred...

Avatar Inanna.jpg

... and you’d like to see her new looks – so here she is, checking if you are on our guest list (and certainly adding you if you're not!):


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