Barthanes Damodred

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Author: Estyrien al'Halien

bahr-THAN-nehs DAHM-oh-drehd


Lord Barthanes was the High Seat of House Damodred, second in power in Cairhien only to King Galldrian (TGH, Ch. 30). He was also a Darkfriend (TGH, Ch. 32). He was murdered; it is not know by whom but almost certainly by someone serving the Shadow (TGH, Ch. 34).

Barthanes was slim and tall for a Cairhienin. He was handsome and had long, graying hair and dark eyes (TGH, Ch. 32).


  • Barthanes becomes High Seat of House Damodred when Laman dies (RJ Q and A).
  • Barthanes talks to Rand at his party and delivers Fain's message to him (TGH, Ch. 32).
  • Barthanes is murdered and his head is stuck on a spike (TGH, Ch. 34).


Barthanes' personal sign was the Charging Boar (TGH, Ch. 30).

Barthanes and Galldrian would have been glad of any chance to move against each other (TGH, Ch. 31).

Barthanes built a mansion in Cairhien on the site of an old Ogier grove. Fain took the Horn of Valere to his mansion to use the Waygate (TGH, Ch. 32).

Barthanes was Laman's cousin (RJ Q and A).


Barthanes, Lord, of House Damodred (bahr-THAN-nehs): Cairhienin lord, second only to the king in power. His personal sign is the Charging Boar. The sign of House Damodred is the Crown and Tree. (The Great Hunt, Glossary)

"I am quite sure? that Galldrian Riatin would move against Barthanes Damodred on the rumour that Barthanes is a Darkfriend, and glad of the excuse." (Verin about Galldrian and Barthanes; The Great Hunt, Chapter 31)

"Grace honors me with your presence, Aes Sedai." Barthanes Damodred's voice was deep and sure. His gaze swept across the others. "I did not expect so distinguished a company. Lord Ingtar. Friend Ogier." His bow to each was little more than a nod of the head; Barthanes knew exactly how powerful he was. "And you, my young Lord Rand. You excite much comment in the city, and in the Houses. Perhaps we will have a chance to talk this night." (Barthanes; The Great Hunt, Chapter 32)

"He is dead. His servants found him this morning, torn to pieces in his bedchamber. The only way they knew it was him was his head stuck on a spike over the fireplace." (Zera to Thom about Barthanes; The Great Hunt, Chapter 34)