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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Basram is a soldier from Arad Doman. He is short, stocky, and copper-skinned.

Basram is fighting in Lan's company during the Aiel War. On the last real night of the Aiel War, he is one of the sentries. He falls asleep standing against a tree, and Lan has to wake him up. Lan tells him, "Maybe it would be better without the temptation of the tree so near," and Basram moves three paces away, standing erect and peering into the darkness. He shifts from foot to foot, guarding against frostbite. Lan can't help but wonder how long Basram will stay awake this time because all of his men are tired.

Basram wears a conical steel helmet and carries a horn-and-sinew horsebow.

(Reference: New Spring, Chapter 1)


The next sentry he came to, a short stocky fellow in a long dark coat, was leaning back against the trunk of a heavy-limbed oak, his head slumped on his chest. Lan touched the sentry's shoulder, and the man jerked upright, almost dropping the horn-and-sinew horsebow gripped in his gloved hands. The hood of his cloak slid back, revealing his conical steel helmet for an instant before he hastily pulled the cowl up again. In the pale moonlight, Lan could not make out the man's face behind the vertical bars of his faceguard, but he knew him. (Lan; New Spring, Chapter 1)

"I wasn't sleeping, my Lord," the fellow said quickly. "Just resting a moment." A copper-skinned Domani, he sounded embarrassed, and rightly so. This was not his first battle, or even his first war. (Lan; New Spring, Chapter 1)