New Spring: Chapter 1

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Lans Helmet Chapter Icon.png

The Hook

Chapter Icon: A Helmet

Point of View: Lan

Setting: Outside of Tar Valon

Characters: Lan, Basram, Jaim, Bukama, Rakim, Caniedrin


The group of men Lan is commanding encounter a group of Aiel. They do not attack, instead shout Aan'allein and veer to the east


Lan makes his way through a camp of over three hundred men that he commands, checking on all of the sentries, and awakening several of them along the way. Bukama, his friend and teacher, soon joins him, and the two of them speak about the Aiel War that they are participating in.

As they walk, one of the sentries leads a nameless Tairen officer to them. The officer is there on behalf of one Lord Emares, who wishes to form an anvil and hammer to attack a group of five or six hundred Aiel. Lan agrees and sends Bukama off to awaken the men.

They set off, and soon they reach the Hook, a treeless crest that is less than forty feet high and a mile long that doubles back from the north to the south. It is here that Lan and his men will form the anvil. Lan finds himself hoping that the Aiel do not simply choose a spot and use their bows, since in this way he will lose a lot of men.

When the Aiel appear, Lan sees that there are easily two thousand of them. Lan decides to stay where he is, because if Emares strikes without the anvil in place, the Tairens will be crushed. However, if Emares does not show up by the time the Aiel are within two hundred paces of Lan's men, he will get his men to try to ride around the Aiel warriors to join Emares.

At five hundred paces, the Aiel come to a stop. Raising their spears, they shout "Aan'allein!" which means "One Man Alone" in the Old Tongue. Lan and his men are all confused, even more so when the Aiel warriors veer to the east, not attacking them. Lan decides not to follow, but instead wishes to speak with Emares.



First Mention

Basram, Bukama, Emares, Lan, Jaim, Rakim

First Appearance

Basram, Bukama, Lan, Jaim, Rakim

Character Development

  • He Avoids Aes Sedai, wouldn’t even have one heal him
  • He laughs
  • He learned to be aware of his surroundings even when asleep
  • He initially joined the war because he believed the Dark One had directed the Aiel, but no longer believes this.
  • He refuses to lead Malkieri in battle


  • Bukama calls the Aiel Darkfriends


  • What is meant by Aan'Allein?
  • How do the Aiel even know Lan is there?



Horse, owl, hawk


Oak, Leatherleaf


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  • We find out much later, in the Shadow Rising that Aan'allein refers to Lan's one man battle against the Shadow (TSR, Ch. 23).

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