Brown Bulletin July 2008

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Brown Ajah Bulletin – July edition

(Editor: Taika Vinh)

Talking Head – Words from Serenla

Time for congratulations!

Congratulations to Lillian who’s gotten married! :joy

Also big congrats to Laith and Rodi who have bonded!

Brown Birthdays

Happy Belated Birthday to our July babies!

July 12th – Elyna al'Tzoran

July 17th – Rijomu Sezain

Tiki Drink of the Month

Bikini Line

½ oz. Chambord, ½ oz. Tia Maria, ½ oz. Vodka Splash, Pineapple Juice

Combine with ice and shake well. Strain and serve straight up.


Brown Poll - Who was there in the Brown open chat July 26th and 27th ?
  • All the time I was awake 10% [ 2 ]
  • A couple of times 20% [ 4 ]
  • Once 30% [ 6 ]
  • I couldn’t be there 15% [ 3 ]
  • What chat??? (brown out) 25% [ 5 ]

Brown-outs of the month

Adolla: “So I don't forget this time. Quote: <Adolla> oooo I had a brown out today

<Adolla> so my "job" if you can call it that since we only work every few months

<Adolla> is stuffing envelopes and sorting them for postage

<Adolla> etc

<Serenla> right

<Adolla> today we had a big order for the State of Conn.

<Adolla> well big for us, small so it was hand inserted

<Adolla> er I should say big to be hand inserted but too small to take up the time to set up a machine

<Adolla> not that any of this matters

<Serenla> please, continue

<Adolla> I was flipping through my stack of 100 to make sure the address showed

<Adolla> yeah I was rambling about stuff that wasn't important lol

<Serenla> never!

<Adolla> :P

<Adolla> so I found one where the return envelope was showing in the window

<Adolla> so I opened it to find no statement

<Adolla> I had inserted the return envelope and sealed it

<Serenla> hahaha

<Adolla> I was like wtf, no wonder I needed an extra envelope

I had to copy/paste because the whole rambling thing is so brown.”


“The other day when I got home from the store I got online and forgot to put away a bag of frozen stuff and relised it when I finaly went over to were the phone was charging to call someone

Then today when I got up because Eli finnaly called to drag me out of bed I went to turn on the comp and then relised I could see nothing because I forgot I had not put in my contacts.”


“I lost an entire day somewhere

I could have sworn I had already washed Dave's jeans..... nope.

I had to stay up past my bedtime and do laundry last nite, so he would have jeans to wear to work.

My Tuesday went missing and Wednesday snuck up on me”


“I was showering off on the pool deck at my gym, and before turning the fossett off... I walked away. I had to run back, it was so lame.”


“Today my hubby calls me and says, "I could smack you" Now, I am in Missouri right now doing some training for the military, so I have no idea what he is talking about. Apparantly when he got home from work today there was a letter from the Columbus, Ohio police department. Inside was a ticket for running a red light. Somewhere in downtown Columbus, on July 8th, I ran a red light. The problem is, I don't even know where this intersection is. And it caught me on some 'red-light camera' the city installed about a year ago. But anywho, obviously I was driving around downtown and didn't even realize where I was.”


“So I went to dinner with friends tonight in a run down stipmall, but great Chinese food, and when I was leaving, after sunset, but there is still light in the sky, I turned on the road to go home. A second later a cop flashes his lights and I pull over. I wasn't speeding so I have no idea what I did wrong, as I had used my blinker to pull into the road. So he comes over and I give him my insurance and drivers licenses. Apparently I had forgotten to turn my headlights on and he was just checking that I wasn't drunk, which I wasn't as I only had hot tea with dinner. So yeah I almost got a ticket for browning out.”

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