Brown Bulletin July 2012

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Epic Brown Out! No Brown Bulletin to entertain the site in FOREVER!!!

Ah, well, like all Brown Outs this one too has come to an end. I give you the July 2012 Brown Bulletin! TaDa!

This month Rijomu Sedai will be celebrating her birthing day. Happy Birthing Day Rij!

Since our last Bulletin on record is in 2010, the following ladies are in need of Congratulations!

Pylar who was raised to Aes Sedai

Amela who was raised to Aes Sedai

Zashara who was raised to Aes Sedai

Karaelyn who was raised to Aes Sedai

Serenla and Nethanel who were bonded together at Anni 2012

Pylar and Darim who were bonded together at Anni 2012


Our Brown Poll this month was created by our lovely Accepted Keladria. She wanted to know what Ajah stripes were our largest…

Where's your biggest streak?

  • Blue 2 9%
  • Brown 5 23%
  • Gray 2 9%
  • Green 4 18%
  • Red 4 18%
  • White 4 18%
  • Yellow 1 5%

It seems we are quite the diverse group when it comes to stripes :P


Ismene: Oh, the classic one.

I spent 20 minutes looking for my cell phone. Looked on the kitchen counter, dining room table, in my car, near my computer chair, under a sofa cushion. Wondered if I accidentally left it at work?

It was in my hand. The whole time.

Karaelyn: So Travis asked me if I was planning to see Prometheus since it's coming out soon, and I said yeah, it looks good. He was surprised I felt that way, because he didn't think horror movies were my thing. I was like, "That's the prequel to the Alien movies, yes?" He said yeah, that's the one.

"..... oh. I never realized those were considered horror films. I always just thought of them as sci fi."

Taika: My husband doesn't brown out very often usually. However, today I found the bread from the fridge.

Lillian: I made an important phone call today. Left my name, my strata number, and asked for a call back. I forgot to leave the PHONE number.


“Red Dwarf has not been in my varied education.” ~ Lili

“Bang on the floor a few times.” ~ Nary

“outside of the mental sufferings we all had because of their music choices” ~ Taika

“I have an overwhelming urge to spend money right now.” ~ Karaelyn

“Did you get the pot?” ~ Doll

“I was doing the drawer labeled ‘ladies accessories’” ~ Yarrow

“What about GIANT STEAMROLLERS????? ” ~ Karaelyn

“the authors were listed as"Faber & Faber". It made me think of "fab" as in "fabulous".... so they were, "fab and more fab". ” ~ Yarrow


This months Tiki drink is The Conman Jack.


  • 25ml Jack Daniels
  • Mango & Passion Fruit Juice
  • Lemonade
  • A slice of Lemon, Lime, and Orange

JD on Ice
Squeeze and add the three citrus fruits
Top up with equal parts Mango & Passion fruit Juice and Lemonade

Stir, and enjoy!