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Brown Birthdays in September

  • Cinnamin
  • Amela
  • Kheldin



Our Tiki Drink this month is in spirit with the eeriness of autumn.

The Blood of the Tiki

Ingredients: Pomegranate Juice/ Grenadine: 4oz (33.3%) Orange Juice- 1.5 oz (12.5%) Pineapple Juice- 1.5 oz (12.5%) Sweetened Lime Juice- 1tsp/ .25oz OR Fresh Lime Juice- 1tbs/ .5oz Sparkling Water- 2-3oz (18.8-25%) ________________________________________ Directions: Stir Pomegranate Juice, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, and Sweetened Lime Juice/ Fresh Lime Juice. Pour into Tiki Mug. Add Sparkling Water into Tiki Mug. Stir once again. Serve.

  • Note* To make this drink alcoholic white Puerto Rican Rum or Dark Jamaican Rum is suggested.


"There are no parents. Very weird. " ~ Yarrow
"So, I just set off the fire alarm because I put the chicken on "broil" instead of "bake"." ~ Yarrow
" I always get really spooked and convinced that there's an axe murderer waiting in the bathroom" ~ Cariyad
"No links, no citations, no opinion pieces. Only kittens here! And books!" ~ Keara
"Give us all the gritty details! " ~ Keara
"Tea kettles work very nicely for hot shower replacements" ~ Narysse
" I think I'm still a bit intoxicated" ~ Serenla
"ankle straps just broke" ~ Serenla
"Just burned some spaghetti. Yeah. Spaghetti." ~ Taika
"need to die a slow and horrible death" ~ Lilli
"Who wants to do drunk chat after mid terms? Anyone?" ~ Lilli
"BORED!!!" ~ Elandria


Taika: I had a funny one today. A bit of background: I like to jog every other or third day, to keep myself fit and to let my mind wander in which ever topics interest me at the time. It's necessary both for the body and the mind. I usually go to a park where there's a special soft track for joggers. I've probably got osteoarthritis forming up, and my knees don't tolerate jogging on paved streets. Anyway, I usually cycle to this park, then run some 1,5 hours max, and cycle back home.

Today my mind was so totally occupied, pondering the un-suitability of progressive rock as a background music for jogging that I forgot to take the cycling helmet off. It took me almost the whole first round (ca. 1 km / 0,6 miles) to realize why people were so amused.

Laithean: I filled our fabric softener ball with laundry soap

Keladria: So.... I totally walked into my old orthodontist's new, extended in size office instead of the vision clinic (that I was going into to turn in a resume at and had gone to as a kid)... Apparently the vision clinic moved two years ago when the orthodontist place wanted to expand

Luckily, I knew the person at the front desk and she laughed and was all, "Hey Melinda, you look a bit lost there." I just nodded and she then asked if I was looking for the vision clinic since it used to be here and I obviously didn't need to be there since I got my braces off before 9th grade ><

Then, we talked for a bit, caught up and what-not, and then as I was pulling out of the parking lot, I realized that I hadn't asked where the new location of the vision clinic was x.x

My mom just laughed when I asked her where it was and wondered how I didn't notice that it wasn't on the mini-plaza's sign of what offices are here and I just replied that I didn't think to look because the outside looked the same as always...

Kairina: So, I'll preface this by saying I usually wear glasses, but I DO have contacts. Well, I was wearing my contacts over the weekend because I had gone out on a bike ride and that way I can wear my sunglasses...I got home and headed for the shower and I reached up to my face to take my "glasses" off and started freaking out because my glasses weren't there. So happy the fiance wasn't there to witness it or I would be getting grief about that for months.

Adolla: Ok I have one that happened just now. Somehow I ended up on the first page of this thread. I was reading all the posts and wondering why they all seemed so familiar It wasn't until I got to Karaelyn's post about the Azizies that I realized that it was posted in July and that's why they all seemed so familiar.


I hope everyone has enjoyed our September edition of the Brown Bulletin, and I know you are looking forward to see what sort of crazy shenanigans the Brown get up to next month! Sorry this month's edition is so short. I am hoping to come up with some sort of article for October. Suggestions of what you would like to read about are welcome!