Brown Bulletin Spring 2010

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Brown Bulletin Spring Edition 2010


Spring was busy for the Brown Ajah but busy in real life rather than the boards. There was a lot of LoA's due to sickness, vacations and one instance of having a baby.

Though We did get a new Brown Aes Sedai, quite a few rants, and some drunken posting.


Announcements and Congratulations

Happy Spring Birthdays!






Elandria d'ma Mieresouvra is our Newest Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah. Welcome Dria we have waited long for you sister. =)

Along with a new Sister we got a new Kinder Gaidin for Brown. Riley was born to Aloren Sedai on March 7 2010.
Aloren and Riley


Other Brown Ajah Happenings

Quite a few interesting things were brought to the Browns attention this spring. One being a very nice eye candy type blog.

Its nice because rather than models and celebrities posing with books this is real guys "in the wild" so to speak. A lot of it is reader submitted, so get your hot guys, a camera, and a book!

Random guy from "Hot Guys Reading Books" blog.

Something else to make a brown happy was found but sadly it ended up being a gag product. =( New-book-smell-spray-can.jpg

Some book destruction was also brought to our attention! :o

Though we have the first recorded "Brown Healing" to bring our spirits back up. Ismene Sedai posted this image of her and her sister.

"My sister found this old picture of us. I found her reading one of my books, so I hit her on the head and grabbed it back from her.

I'm very proud of myself, as you can see."

First Brown Healing

(The reason you read out bulletin anyway!)


Spring Brown Outs

"I don't know if this qualifies as a Brown-out or just cute, or whatever, but it needs sharing.

Anyway. My 6 year old came in my room this weekend and asked if she could have one of my little post-it flags. I asked why, and she said she needed it as a book mark. Of course, I said yes (OMG SHE WAS READING ON HER OWN), and gave her one. Later that day I happened to see the book she was reading, and I noticed she had written on the flag I'd given her. Curious, I picked it up to see what she had decided to write, thinking that it would probably say "Danae" or something. Nope, it said


in all capital letters. I'm not sure why, but I laughed at that for, I swear, a good 15 minutes. It's just so...I don't know...meta or something. Maybe she was afraid she'd forget what the book mark was for?"

-Eilastri Sedai-

"That reminds me of the first time I made cream puffs. I found the recipe in a cookbook and I thought they meant the little meringue cookies. They turned out great though I had no cream to fill them with. I just stared at them for awhile trying to figure out why I thought they'd be cookies."

-Adolla Sedai-

"My mom posted on her Facebook today that she'd been meaning to put up a more "wintery" profile picture, but at this point she's going to wait for next winter.

I come by it honestly."

-Naomi Sedai-

"I go to read outside, I got my sweater and hat on. Picked up my book and started to head to the back porch, only to realize that I picked up the remote instead of the book. Not sure how those two got mixed up."

-Shara Sedai-

"So, I went to the book store the other day because I saw that Patricia Briggs had a new hardback out. I thought "Yay, this means the last one should be in paperback. I shall go buy it!"

So I did. Got to the restaraunt, ordered lunch and started reading the book. "This seems strangely familiar...Oh! There was a preview in the end of the last book." Read a few pages more.

Came to the realization that I'd already bought the book and read it a few weeks ago."

-Serenla Sedai-

"I tried to quote someone's post today at Adonalsium in one of the forums I Moderate...and hit "Edit" instead...(The buttons are right next to each other in Drupal.)

It wasn't until I posted "my" post, and saw someone else's avatar next to it that I realized I had actually Edited someone else's post..."

-Eilastri Sedai-

"I had a Brown Out to post here that I was thinking about last night, all evening.

I forgot what it was."

-Serenla Sedai-

"I think this counts . . . at least it shows how clueless I can be.

I was at the optometrist getting fitted for new glasses and a nice guy walks in. We start talking he's very nice we have alot in common, talking about Germany, his work over in Munich my time there being transplants in Fort Wayne etc . . . he says if I'm over in Germany this year call him and we could travel a bit and he gives me his contact info I give him mine telling him to contact me if he wants to look around staying in Fort Wayne . . . I smile get in my car and Wait did I just pick up a guy????? (happily married but was holding my coat the whole conversation)

I am pretty sure I accidentally picked a guy up."

-Viola Sedai-


Naomi Sedai's Guide to Those Printer Ink Refill Kits





Who better than the Brown Ajah to help you navigate the ever growing world of electronic books. Each bulletin we come out with will have an article going over the best stuff we know about ebooks and ebook platforms. From were to get free or cheap ebooks to which ebook iphone app to use. If you have anything you want to add or want answered in eBrowns email

Ebooks and reading devices have been around for awhile but until the kindle became more widespread the last couple of Christmases it was more of a niche. eReaders are great for those in school instead of packing large textbooks around and for traveling for the same reason. Many like having a whole library at their fingertips and with certain readers a whole bookstore pretty much anywhere you are instantly.

You can get a dedicated reading device like the Kindle or the Nook. Or you can get a iPad or the android version the Galaxy Tabif you want your reader to do more than books only.

Another option to look into is using your phone as a reader. iPhone(iPod touches) have the same access to the retailers Amazon and Barnes & Noble as the Nook and Kindle. I know many other smart phones also have the ability to be readers. I myself use my iPod touch as a reader and its perfect for me. Hand held and small and can be used for so many other things as well as a reader. I will go further into the various apps in the apple app store in another edition. (though just so you know my personal favorite is stanza)

It all depends on your taste what your going to be using your reader for and of course how much money your willing to part with for it!

If your wanting something for school I would say go for the dedicated device. If your a casual novel reader who wants to do other things (like twitter, facebook, video, games) I say go for a smart phone, iPad, or iPod touch. (or the android versions if your not a apple fan)

Not ready to go for a gadget but still want to read eBooks? Kindle and Nook have desktop versions for your computer. Microsoft also has a reader with "clear type" which is supposed to be easier to read. There are other freeware software options for computer reading I have seen but I am looking further into it and will be writing another issue going more in depth when I find the best options for you.


The End

Thanks for reading and I leave you with this.


Writen and compiled by Aloren Sedai