Brown Bulletin summer 2010

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Brown Bulletin Summer Edition 2010


Ah summer...

While most people may think fun in the sun, a Browns first thought is probably about summer reading!

Though the Browns did end up getting some sun on Sunday one of Tarvalon.nets high feasts and got a sunburn for their trouble.

Sunday avatars

The conclusion is most Browns don't belong in the sun. We'll stick to the nice cool dim library thank you very much.


Announcements and Congratulations

Well there were no raising's or Bonds yet this summer but congrats should go to the Brown Ajah for making in to the new boards without losing anyone.. I think. *wonders off to count browns*


Congrats to Lillian Sedai who got married this July!

Lillian and Drake

Also congrats to our new Sitters and Brown Librarians.

"Sitters for the July-December term will be Ayendra and Viola.

Rinwyn will continue as the Heart.

Aloren will be coming back as the Mind and will take over Holiday duties.

Laithean will be continuing as Pulse."

Finally Happy Birthday to all those Brown summer babies!







Other Brown Ajah Happenings

It came to our attention that we had not heard from Ferdinand the Brown Ajah's traveling Dust bunny in some time. He was happily being hosted by the lovely Taika's Sedai though! He should be returning to the states for tenth anni but in the mean time if you want to follow his adventures you can catch the latest news about him on his Blog. [1]

Taika Sedai and Ferdinand

As always we are taking applications for Cabana Sla.. Persons and you can stop by and join us for a drink at our table in Olde Warder and Hen. That is if we don't forget it exsists.

Also The Brown Ajah Read'a'thon thread is somewhere in general if you have not already checked it out.

Speaking of Cabana persons, I think its...


Tiki Time

Caribbean Sunset

A Caribbean Sunset is a tropical drink made with rum, melon liqueur, cranberry juice, and orange juice. A Caribbean Sunset is similar to a Tequila Sunset, in that the orange juice is floated on top of the cranberry juice.

Caribbean Sunset Ingredients

3/4 ounce Malibu rum

3/4 ounce Melon liqueur

2 ounce Cranberry juice

Orange juice


Caribbean Sunset Instructions

Mix the rum and the melon liqueur, and slowly pour the cranberry juice on top until it fills half the glass. Carefully fill the remainder of the glass with orange juice, so it floats on top of the cranberry juice mixture.


Random Quotes from the Random Thread of Randomness

"That looks very dangerous, Rij. Very dangerous" Miri Sedai

"My tongue is green and my husband is AWESOME!!!" Rinwyn Sedai

The avatars are on the right side!!!! I am completely beside myself. How will I cope?? '*twitches for a while*' Naomi Sedai

I was looking forward to those knowing comments we'd eventually make to newer members, "No, no, that was back in the old days, when we had our avatars on the left-hand side. Before your time! Before your time." Ismene Sedai

"Browns always show up when something happens. We come in to put everything back (close) to the way it was. Like when you give my cat a new toy. First she's afraid of it. Then she rubs her scent all over it. Then she wanders off to the food bowl. If we deleted all the posts in our forums every 3 months I bet we'd see way more posts overall." Naomi Sedai



Who better than the Brown Ajah to help you navigate the ever growing world of electronic books. Each bulletin we come out with will have an article going over the best stuff we know about ebooks and ebook platforms. From were to get free or cheap ebooks to which ebook iphone app to use. If you have anything you want to add or want answered in eBrowns email

If your a sci-fi or military sci-fi fan your in luck. There is a veritble treasure trove of free books for you to download at Baen Free Library.

There are also have a few fantasy books mixed in and anyone who likes free books should atleat go browsing through as you never know what you might find that you end up liking. Plus its free. You cant beat free.

They have a number of formats for whatever kind of ereader you may have or even just your computer. I am more familiar with using iphone/ipod and getting the book via the stanza app. ""(Which is going to be a whole article on its own due to its awesomeness.)""

For Kindle

For iphone/ipod touch

Next time when we dive into the "sometimes wonderful... sometimes weird world" of Smash-words.

Now what you have all been waiting for..


Summer Brown Outs

"I was just filling my water pitcher from the kitchen sink. I was paying rapt attention to the water level! My hand was poised to shut off the water. I hit it just at the right time! Imagine my confusion when it was suddenly dark in the room and I could still hear water running." Naomi Sedai

"I was transplanting allyssum into a border along one of the walkways in our garden.....only I forgot that there are holes between the cobblestones when I pushed the flat of flowers ahead of me to move up a few feet. Ladies, I have discovered the art of tripping while on your hands and knees." Narysse Sedai

"Is not checking in for a couple of weeks, and coming back to find a whole brand new forum considered a Brown Out?" Cinnamin Sedai

"I was driving home with stuff from the old place, when I suddenly thought "I didn't grab the keys from the counter." Only after a few seconds of panic did I realize I couldn't be driving if the keys weren't in the ignition." Adolla Sedai

"I was talking grumpily to my husband about how the moving truck rental would cost more if we drove the truck because they have a surcharge for drivers under 24. He pointed out that we are 24." Naomi Sedai


The End

Though I shall leave you with this...


We still can't pick between cats and bunnies.. Luckily we dont have to. Were so awesome we get both. =D Brown Ajah Cat Herd forever.

Writen and compiled by Aloren Sedai