Color Me, Darling: Winners!

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Author: Erin al'Denael

TVT 2015 08 Colouring Results.jpg

Results are in, and we have our top three best coloring pieces - do you want to see who won?

TVT 6-2015 header-1.jpg

In 3rd Place, with 12 votes, we have this wonderful coloring by Loraella Melodie!
TVT Color Contest 13.jpg

In 2nd Place, with 14 votes, is my personal favorite entry by Kitan Tataru!
TVT Color Contest 9.jpg

And in 1st Place, with a whopping 21 votes is another piece by Loraella Melodie!
TVT Color Contest 10.jpg

Many thanks to everyone who submitted entries for the contest! Interesting fact: Loraella Sedai actually had the 1st, 3rd, and 4th place in votes. TarValon.Net really likes your stuff, Loraella Sedai! It was fun to see all the different pictures and drawings people picked to color and submit. Coloring sure is fun.

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