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Several of the Sisters of the Brown Ajah decided it was time to show our Bondmates just how much we love them! Here are some of our poems about our beloved Bondmates.

To Aves from Serenla

I'm supposed to write a lovely poem or Haiku of praise for my Warder. However, I fail at creative writing.
Aves. MDD. He's surly, sarcastic, lurks a lot and refuses to kiss butt. I just call him mine.

To Rodi from Laithean

Wild and free,
A wolf of VC,
That is Rodi my Warder.

Towering over me with height,
Knows better than my temper to fight,
That is Rodi my Warder.

Musicals we sing,
In harmony notes ring,
That is Rodi my Warder.

I could not ask for more,
He is genuine to the core,
That is Rodi my Warder.

He protects not only me,
But also my new baby,
That is Rodi my Warder.

Forever we stand,
Against shadows of the land,
That is Rodi my Warder

To Soronhen from Cassie

I have a Warder of Win
he's good to call now and then
with good taste in booze
who else would I choose
but the fabulous Soronhen

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