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Welcome to the San d'ma Shadar HQ!

What is San d'ma Shadar?

What is Sabe?

If you've been in chat at all since the founding of SDS, you'll have noticed that we use the greeting “Sabe” quite a bit. This comes from the sci-fi series Ender's Game. While in battle school, children were taught some Portugese / Brazilian, and “Sabe” – pronounced sah-BEE – was one of the slang words that they learned, which meant “You understand?” – it was also a greeting, which is what we use it as today.

Sometimes you will hear us refer to each other as Sabers (Sabe-ers) as well.

Of the four companies, the San d'ma Shadar are known as the 'muscle' of the White Tower. This is an oversimplification of an important characteristic lying just beneath the surface... survival. The members are the survivors: the jack-of-all-trades, master of none. They adapt and do what must be done to complete the task at hand, whether it be organizing others for an offensive or protecting one's loved ones from harm. All this must be accomplished by utilizing what is readily available to its fullest potential. We are the Slayers of the Shadow!

The SDS Creed

I am a member of San d’ma Shadar. I have chosen to become a member of an elite company and as such intend to uphold the ideals and carry on the spirit of a unique brotherhood. I have pledged to follow the Amyrlin Seat and those persons whom she sees fit to place in positions above me, remembering always to acquit myself with Loyalty, Honor, Duty, Truth, Courage, Justice, Prowess, and Franchise.

  • I have no ties that are not bound by loyalty.
  • I have no life without honor.
  • I am bound to family, country, and Tower with duty.
  • I make truth my standard.
  • I use courage to do what is right no matter the consequences.
  • I seek justice for weak and strong alike.
  • I strive for prowess in all I do.
  • I instill all parts of my life with these values through franchise.

I will fight to protect that which I care for, and those who have put their trust in me. I will strive to protect the Tower and all that it stands for, for as the Tower has accepted me, I choose to embrace the Tower. With the strength of the Brotherhood, and the ideals that the Brotherhood embraces I will not falter nor will I fail! For I am a stalker in the night, I am the strength in the battle, I am the center that will not break, I am the tip of the spear, first blood is mine!

SDS in real life

As with any group of people, our lives lead us in many different directions. Members of SDS come from all walks of life and enjoy many different things, from explosion coordination to website design to practicing law and many other professions. Some of us have Masters degrees and some of us are unemployed. Many of us have had careers in the military. Our ages range from 20 to the mid-50s, but we are all brothers in life. We support each other when support is needed, and give each other a slap in the face if we need to wake up and realize what's going on around us. We are always there for each other, but at the same time we lead our own individual lives.

Captain America on SDS

Official Company Positions

Unofficial Company Positions

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  • Welcomer:

Members of San d'ma Shadar

SDS Involved at the Tower

  • Ty: Head Moderator

Even more about SDS!

Former SDS Logo

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