Corgaide Marendevin

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Corgaide Marendevin is the Holder of the Keys of the Sun Palace in Cairhien. She is a pale, grave-faced woman with her gray hair gathered in a thick roll at the nape of her neck and a stern air about her. The silver ring of long keys at her waist is her symbol of office (TPoD, Ch. 12; CoT, Prologue).

Corgaide greets Cadsuane and the others in the entry hall of the Sun Palace and takes Cadsuane to a private room. Cadsuane asks for Alanna to be sent to her and Corgaide says she will approach the Aes Sedai herself (TPoD, Ch. 12).

Corgaide reports to Samitsu and Sashalle that a young man and an Ogier are in the kitchens of the Sun Palace, as she is supposed to (CoT, Prologue).


Dark-liveried servants hurrying at their tasks along the broad, tapestry-hung hallways darted aside for Cadsuane and Corgaide, and the two of them progressed to a flurry of deep bows and curtsies made over baskets and trays and armloads of towels. From the way eyes watched Corgaide, Cadsuane suspected the deference was as much for the Holder of the Keys as for an Aes Sedai. (Cadsuane; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 12)

Whoever ruled Cairhien, the Holder of the Keys ruled the Sun Palace in simple fact, and there was nothing submissive in Corgaide's manner. (Samitsu; Crossroads of Twilight, Prologue)

Being abrupt with the Holder of the Keys was a good way to find yourself with dirty bed linens and poorly spiced meals, unemptied chamber pots and messages that went astray, a thousand annoyances that could make life a misery and leave you wading in mud trying to accomplish anything at all. (Samitsu; Crossroads of Twilight, Prologue)