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The TarValon.Net Membership Manual contains additional information on this topic.

alt: membership is represented by the stylized image of the planet
Department of Membership
Created in 2004
Headed by Roheryn ni Galghandhrei t'al'Djinn
Positions within the Department


This department handles all of the administrative aspects of running our membership and fostering a sense of community within each rank. Whenever someone talks about "your membership/community administrator," they are speaking of the administrators within this group. It is currently headed by Roheryn ni Galghandhrei t'al'Djinn.


Main article: Ajahs and Companies (TarValon.Net)

Members of TarValon.Net who choose to join the Tower itself when raised to Tower Sworn, join either one of seven Ajahs, based on the book Ajah, or one of four Companies, each modelled on dominant personality traits.


Main article: Department of Membership (Ranks)

Those new to the site join as Citizens. Members can stay at this rank indefinitely, or can join the Tower itself as Tower Initiates. As Tower Initiates, members progress through two ranks - first as Novices/Recruits and then they get raised to Accepted/Soldiers, to finally reach Aes Sedai or Gaidin level, at the discretion of the Hall.


Main article: Department of Membership (History)

The Department of Membership has always existed in one form or another since the creation of TarValon.Net in 2001. Originally, the Keeper was in charge of all Membership Administrators (Heads of Ajah, Company Commanders, Mistress of Novices and Captain of the Guard), but later the duties were split with the Master at Arms who took charge over the male half of the Tower. In 2006, upon the retirement of the Master at Arms, the duties were redistributed between the Director of Membership and the Director of Administration, the Master at Arms position was taken away completely, and the Keeper became an officer in charge of day to day operations of TarValon.Net rather than focusing on Membership issues alone.

Annual Reports


Main article: Department of Membership (Positions)

The Department now contains fifteen administrators, oversees every step of membership from the initial application through retirements and staff members in every community group.