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2014 Annual Report

TarValon.Net, Inc. Annual Report 2014

Property of TarValon.Net, Incorporated

Compiled and edited by Anne Vanolli

With Assistance from Nissa Reichenbach, Christopher Berger, and Ashley Morgan


State of the Tower - Amyrlin/CEO Welcome

As with every year, 2014 brought some major changes to TarValon.Net. We saw leadership changes and policy changes.

The biggest leadership change began in June, when Vivianna L'antreau tendered her resignation as Amyrlin Seat to the Board of Directors. Over the next few months, the Board solicited applications, conducted interviews, and in October, asked me, Rhed al'Tere of the Red, to take on the role of Amyrlin/CEO. I accepted; effective immediately upon acceptance, I stepped down from the Board of Directors. As I was Chairman when I stepped down, Dralyn Montsier was selected to replace me as Chairman of the Board, and on October 5 she announced to the community that I was the Amyrlin-Elect. The official investiture ceremony will take place at our Fourteenth Anniversary party in March 2015.

The largest policy change of 2014 was the decision to implement gender Integration — allowing men to be Aes Sedai and women to be Gaidin. At the Spring Admin Meeting, the Officers and Executives talked over the broad outlines of how Integration would look. A focus group consisting of the Spring Hall of the Tower and representatives from each of the Junior Member groups spent a lot of time and effort coming up with and discussing ideas for what Integration would look like when implemented. The Executives, Officers, and Board were also actively engaged in this discussion and settled the details of Integration at the Fall Admin Meeting.

Before discussion even began, it was decided that any Senior Member who demoted in January 2015 and chose the opposite path (former Aes Sedai to Gaidin and vice versa) would not need to pass through the Hall to be raised; they would simply need Head of Ajah or Company Commander and Director of Membership approval.

Out of the ideas from the discussion group, three major ideas were put into action. Tower Junior Member admins will eventually be reduced to one per level. The mentor system got an overhaul — each Tower Junior Member will have an Aes Sedai mentor and a Gaidin mentor. The Tower Junior Members got a new forum, the Abandoned Corridor, which is Tower JM–access only.

Looking forward to 2015, I am very excited about what we as a community have coming up. A re-readalong of the Wheel of Time series, the books that drew us together to begin with, is planned, at a pace of one chapter per day. We have got some exciting events in the works: Anni in Atlanta, Ga.; Euro Party in Dublin; and Fall Ball in Duluth, Minn.; not to mention JordanCon, also in Atlanta, which always has a strong Tower presence. I am personally looking forward to the start of the Servant of All forum, where members will be able to share how they are embodying the spirit of being Aes Sedai (or Servant of All for our non–Aes Sedai members) and share ideas about how we as a community or individuals can improve the world around us. We plan on broadly advertising our scholarship to other Wheel of Time communities to give the Hall as hard a choice as possible.

I hope you are as excited about the coming year as I am. I am thrilled, and admittedly a little intimidated, to step up as Amyrlin/CEO, but I think the coming years will hold great things for TV.net.

Yours in the Light,
Rhed al'Tere, Amyrlin-Elect

Statement from the Board of Directors

This year was an eventful year for the Board. At our annual meeting in April, Joseph Pistritto gave way to Ashley Morgan as our Chairman. Ashley took over with great enthusiasm, working with the Board and Officers to continue getting the Tower back on its feet.

In June, the Board received Kristen Bowersox's resignation as CEO/Amyrlin Seat, so the summer was spent choosing her replacement. In the fall, the Board selected Ashley Morgan as the next CEO and began training her. She immediately resigned from the Board as a whole, leaving the Board with only four members at the end of the year. Amanda Keen was chosen as her replacement as Chairman of the Board, and she will serve out the remainder of Ashley's term until the next annual Board meeting.

Replacing the Chairman of the Board twice and the CEO once in the same year kept the Board fairly busy, as did other duties along with our regular duties. On the whole, though, the changes have been positive, and we are excited to see what happens in 2015 with a new CEO.

Amanda M. Keen,
Chairman of the Board of Directors


Annual Overview

2014 has followed in the footsteps of preceding years at TV.net, bringing some of the most sweeping changes to both our Administrative team and to the overall outlook of the community and its membership structure, from the very top on down.

Departments Overview

The Administration experienced an infusion of new faces to its roster, beginning at the helm of our Community Outreach department as our long-standing Director, Tree, stepped down and was replaced by Aryawnah Federov. Aryawnah has brought a great deal of enthusiasm and activity to the Community Outreach department, diving right into her new role and continuing to work to find fun and exciting ways for the TV.net membership to get involved both on the site and in their local communities.

Our Director of Events and Conferences, Sonea Ilandred, also retired. She is succeeded by Naomi al'Moranwin, a newcomer to the Events and Conferences department, but not by any means to TV.Net. Naomi has already made great strides in terms of evaluating the overall structure and organization of our Events and Conferences department and processes, and we are looking forward to seeing the great results of all of her efforts to date at our upcoming events.

Calypsa al'Nicolai celebrated her first year in April as Director in our Administration department, continuing to assess and update the many moving parts of what keeps the organization running efficiently behind the scenes. Our Director of Technology, Erin al'Denael, has definitely had a busy year keeping our "home away from home" running at its best, despite a valiant effort at moving the site to the newer vB5 platform, and her dedicated team of techies worked hard to get everything running smoothly again. Our Director of Membership, Sa'areah Britthorn, has completed another great year in her role working alongside her team of membership administrators, and she has been gearing up for the changes that our Integration process will bring. Our Director of Moderators and Operators, Kelgan al'Moranwin, has also completed his first year in August in his role with a good deal of thoughtful evaluation and refinement in his department. Our third "new" Director from last year, Ariadne Davion, has rounded out her first year in the Department of Marketing with a continued enthusiasm for all things graphics related to the Tower, most notably working with her department and the community to get our Company and Ajah logos refreshed. Rounding out our Administration team is our Head Librarian, Toral Delvar, whose steadfast presence in the team and dedication to keeping our ever-growing collection of knowledge for both community and WoT information organized and accessible is greatly appreciated.

Looking Forward to 2015

The single biggest change we will see moving into 2015 is the beginning implementation of our Integration process. Initial review of the process will take place early in the year, and we will follow up with membership later to get a feel for how everyone sees it progressing. We will continually evaluate ways to make the site a better looking and feeling environment, from both technical and graphical perspectives, and we will continue exploring ways to keep growing our community over the next year.

Lireina Dormerus t'al`Bearach,
Keeper of the Chronicles


The year 2014 was a good year for the Tower financially. Two full years after Rileygate, we are in a more stable place. We are not out of the woods yet, but progress is being made. The year saw projects and initiatives to further promote the financial health of the organization while ensuring our members did not feel the impact.

Only one staff change took place. Sabriane Diamodred reached out and volunteered to join the team utilizing her accounting background and tax expertise. I, Ubahsur Kindellaer, remained in my role as Shatayan/Chief Financial Officer, and Cassie Dainar continued as my assistant.

This year's projects included changing our fiscal year, enacting stricter measures regarding what we pay for, auditing and refiling past years' taxes, filing forms with the IRS relating to the funds taken from the Tower by the former Shatayan, and sundry smaller projects.

Our fiscal year previously was the calendar year, which did not match our cash flow. The shift has our fiscal year starting September 1, allowing us to start out with our highest balance (thanks to the annual fundraiser) and more accurately budget for the rest of the year. Additionally, at the Fall Admin Meeting, time was dedicated to Executives interactively designing and reviewing each line of the budget. It may be my White Ajah nature, but working with actual numbers rather than guesses makes me much more comfortable!

The end of fiscal year 2014 saw TV.net still in debt by $3,780 to Caerwyn Jolan. Paying off this debt is a priority; to this end it was decided that TV.net would go through a short period (estimated two more fiscal years) of stricter budgeting and allowed expenses. Our goal is to become debt-free while maintaining the bare minimum of necessary services. This means a lot of items are being covered privately (such as Amyrlin and Keeper awards) or temporarily cut (such as reducing the prize budget). We fully expect that, after the debt is paid off, our focus will be on clearing the backlog of items and providing a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for our members.

The largest project in 2014 was auditing, refiling our taxes, and filing related forms. In order to be one hundred percent accurate to our membership and the public, I felt a full accounting of our finances through the tenure of the previous Shatayan was necessary, including review and correction of any and all paperwork. As one can imagine, reviewing all transactions across multiple accounts for the period of two years was an extensive process that Sabriane and I are very happy to have completed. This completes anything that TV.net could do related to this event to protect the organization.

Related to the audit and filing amended tax forms for 2011 and 2012, additional IRS forms 13909 and 3949a were completed. These forms report what may or may not have been unreported income that was not approved to be taken from the Tower accounts for personal use by the former Shatayan.

Looking forward into calendar year 2015, I expect this to be a quiet year, filled only with normal monthly reporting and assisting the departments with their financial needs.

Financial data is given in Appendix A.

Ubahsur Kindellaer,

Departmental Summaries

Department of Administration

2014 was a productive and stable year for the Department of Administration. Departmental staff was fully retained and each team saw new additions. We completed several long-outstanding reports for release into the Library and are now looking at a fully current workload.

Membership Survey

The 2013 Membership Survey ran from February 15 through March 1, 2014. A total of 116 responses were submitted, an unusually low number of responses for the Membership Survey.

Our theme this year was to "Bring Back Summer." This past winter was quite cold for our members in the Northern Hemisphere and many were missing the sunshine. The Membership Survey theme sought to bring some summer to the community even if the outdoor temperatures were frigid! As responses were collected, the main TV.net banner updated from a snowscape with chilly penguins to penguins frolicking in the sunshine by the White Tower.

As in years past, we offered a $25 gift certificate to either Ta'veren Tees or the TarValon.Net CafePress Shop to a lucky Membership Survey respondent. This year's winner was Marivea al'Corriyi. Congratulations again, Marivea!

The 2013 Membership Survey Report was published in the Library on June 9, 2014.

AR2014Image004.png AR2014Image005.png AR2014Image006.png AR2014Image007.png
AR2014Image008.png AR2014Image009.png AR2014Image010.png AR2014Image011.png
AR2014Image012.png AR2014Image013.png AR2014Image014.png AR2014Image015.png

Integration Survey Report

The Integration Survey was held from October 31 through November 9, 2013. Survey results were published in the Library on February 10, 2014.

Annual Reports

The 2012 Annual Report was released on January 13, 2014, and the 2008 Annual Report was released on February 20, 2014. Both reports were delayed for various reasons but are now available in the Library.

The 2013 Annual Report was released on June 29, 2014.

Department Staffing Updates

Early 2014 brought several additions to the Department of Administration and no resignations. Our team structure has been serving the department well following our reorganization last year.

Following our first-ever open hiring process for the Legal Research Team, Anirfyan Dayen and Alyssa Letherio joined Xander Silverstar on February 20, 2014. Previously, all members of the Legal Research Team had been appointed by the Director of Administration, or, before the Department of Administration existed, by the Keeper or Amyrlin Seat. Hammar O'Justice remains the official TV.net Legal Counsel.

Izabella Serra joined Zashara Sho'am, Yelenia Hylraren, and Morrighan Daghdera as Consultants on the Survey Team, while Alena Mysana joined Pol Rohanson as a Statistician on the Survey Team. Izabella and Alena joined the team on February 7, 2014.

Our departmental Admins both stuck with us through 2014 and continue to offer their fantastic services. Isarma Maracanda remains our Annual Report Project Manager and Mirandha Laflor continues as our Survey Project Manager.

Looking Forward to 2015

2014 was a productive year and the backlog of departmental work has largely been cleared. As of the end of 2014, all pending reports have been released and we are looking ahead to the next projects.

In early 2015 we will begin work on the 2014 Annual Report with an anticipated release date of early spring 2015.

The 2015 Membership Survey will look and feel different than in years past because we will be focusing more on the community-wide implementation of Integration. Rather than host a standard Membership Survey in January or February comprising questions from all departments, we are anticipating releasing a survey in late spring 2015 asking primarily for Integration feedback with a few specific departmental inquiries.

Calypsa al'Nicolai, Director of Administration

Department of Community Outreach

Staff Changes

Department Staff
Outreach Activities Team

There were no administrative-level staffing changes in 2014.

Servant of All

There were no administrative-level staffing changes in 2014.

Philanthropic Outreach Activities

Real Life Events
  • North American Anni 2014 - For Thirteenth Anni, we partnered with the Ronald McDonald House of Los Angeles. Members were asked to bring colorful rolls of duct tape as well as pop tabs. Beads were also sold on site for monetary donations. In total, attendees donated $140 and 41 rolls of duct tape.
  • Euro 2014 - No party was held this year.
  • BI 2014 - Britain and Ireland party was held April 4–6 in Seahouses, Northumberland. The chosen charity was Sue Ryder store in Seahouses. Six large cargo shopping carrier bags full of clothing, goods, and other donatable items were collected.
  • Fall Ball 2014 - Fall Ball was held in St. Petersburg, Fla., this year. The Tower chose to support the St. Petersburg free clinic. Attendees were asked to bring personal hygiene products such as soap, deodorant, etc.


Summer Fundraiser

For our annual maintenance fundraiser, we created our own Cards Against Humanity fundraiser deck! The number of cards involved in the deck was based on the total amount donated. Our deck was 72 cards after the community donated a whopping $3,635.92. In the related raffle, we had one grand prize winner, Sailea Nerid, who received a printed copy of our expansion, the core deck of CAH, and a t-shirt from Ta'veren Tees! We also had five winners who received a printed version of our custom CAH decks: Locus Sarania, Melisande Arneil, Maibella ni Rhoiden t'al'Varrak, Aduiavas Ida, and Raevyn Tsorin.

For a complete list of donors, please see Appendix B / Fundraiser Against Humanity Donors.

Feast of Light 2014

This year, we decided to do our Feast of Lights fundraiser a little differently. Instead of receiving monetary donations for a specified charity, we asked our members to donate food stuffs, time, or money to a local food bank or pantry to help feed those less fortunate. We had a total of 16 people participate, which is a bit fewer than I had hoped. However, we did get to use our new Tower Tumblr page to display our community's drive to truly be Servants of All. All who participated were entered in a raffle to win a belly dancing cane (this would likely have been changed if a male had won). Our raffle winner was Zandera Sommers!

For a complete list of donors, please see Appendix B / Feast of Lights 2014 Donors.

Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship

Our 2014 annual scholarship was started very late, with the call for applications not opening until September. We had several applicants, but after a blind vote in the Hall, Tree was selected as this year's Robert Jordan Memorial Scholar.

2014 Blood Drive

This year, we set our goal for our blood drive at 42 pints of blood. We came in just shy of this with 41 pints.

For a complete list of donors, please see Appendix B / 2014 Blood Drive Donors.

Servant of All Program

At the end of 2014, this is still a work in progress. We hope to be able to roll it out in 2015.

Outreach Activities

Bel Tine

In 2014, Bel Tine was held from April 15–26 in celebration of Spring. To celebrate, the Outreach Activities Team hosted a Spam-a-thon and an Egg Hunt, as well as a Group Theme Contest. The winner of the best group theme was the Brown Ajah for their Shirtless Putin theme.

Group themes

  • Blue Ajah: Blue Blood Royalty
  • Brown Ajah: Shirtless Putin
  • Gray Ajah: Trolloc Princesses
  • Green Ajah: Captain Jack Harkness
  • Red Ajah: Black Holes
  • White Ajah and Citizens: Monty Python and Evil Bunnies
  • Yellow Ajah: Healths Angels
  • Dai M'Hael: The Final Fantasy
  • Accepted: Leprechauns
  • Soldiers: One Piece Pirates
  • Novices: Maids
  • Recruits: Shrubbery

Shaoman was held from October 22 – November 1 this year in celebration of Fall and Halloween. This year's Shaoman theme was black cats. We had several activities take place in our fairgrounds and chat. We had our Group Theme Contest, Spooky Story Swap, Badge Exchange, Chat Trivia, Graphics Contest, and our Spam-a-thon. Jeffan Caliarthan won our Beyond the Realm of Normal competition for original storytelling. For themes, the Brown Ajah won best theme as well as best group avatars and sigs, Dai M'Hael won best group story, and our Novice, Accepted, Soldiers, and Recruits won best group roleplay. Maresa Lyonne won our Chat Trivia competition. And the Brown Ajah won our overall Spam-a-thon!

Group themes

  • Blue Ajah: Musical Madness
  • Brown Ajah: The Hawkeye Initiative
  • Gray Ajah: Kilted Heroes
  • Green Ajah: Supernatural
  • Red Ajah: REDACTED
  • White Ajah: Creepy Children's Characters
  • Yellow Ajah: Rejected Princesses
  • Dai M'Hael: Spaceballs
  • Accepted, Novices, Soldiers and Recruits: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Citizens: Night of the Living Gargoyles

Looking Forward to 2015

For 2015, our goals in Outreach are to get things more organized and working together. We want to get both our Servant of All program and our Avendesora program up and running as soon as possible. These are both wonderful programs that could recognize and reward our members for the amazing things that they do both for our community and theirs. We also intend to run a 2015 Blood Drive in the hopes of surpassing last year's results, and we hope to find ways to promote more activity during our freeweeks.

Aryawnah Federov,
Director of Community Outreach

Department of Events and Conferences

2014 was a good year for the Events and Conferences team. We saw steady leadership from our Mistresses of Revels: Lilli O'Neeus in North America and Reniel Killan in Britain and Ireland. In September our esteemed Director, Sonea Ilandred, chose to step down. We all thank her for her years of service to the site and the department. After a short transition period, Naomi al'Moranwin took on the role of Director in November.

In North America this year, Thirteenth Anniversary Party was held near Los Angeles, Calif., on May 16–19. Forty-nine people drove up a mountain to Big Bear Lake where a grand time was had by all. A forest fire in the area threatened to force an evacuation early Sunday morning, but the fire was quickly brought under control and the party was able to continue with only a few modifications to the schedule.

We attended JordanCon again, which was held in Roswell, Ga., on April 11–12. Around 60 TV.net members attended, toasted, and enjoyed the conference. We are always happy to see so many members at JordanCon, and we will be back again next year.

Our Fall Ball in St. Pete Beach, Fla., was held October 17–19. Only 13 people attended, making it one of the smallest North American parties to date. Our members enjoyed the chance to relax on the beach.

The Britain and Ireland party was held April 4–6 in Seahouses, Northumberland in the United Kingdom. A total of 18 Tower members attended the party, which was in the style of our North American Anniversary events. The attendees also left the cabins long enough to tour a local castle, which was a big hit.

In the South Pacific region we organized an event to take place in October in Brisbane, Australia. Unfortunately, the weekend we selected did not fit our members' schedules. Due to a lack of registrations, we were unable to proceed with the event.

The Department of Events and Conference is facing some challenges in the year ahead. Event attendance has been lower than expected around the world during what we expected to be a stable year. High prices repeatedly impact Continental European events, and the small number of members over the large South Pacific area makes gathering in one place more difficult.

We are looking at outside influences (such as the general economy, weather events, and political climate) as well as internal ones. We will be examining why and how the department works, including the bidding process, ticket prices, event feedback, and staff training. We hope to have a fresh look at events going in to 2015 and planning for 2016. And, as always, we hope to see everyone in person!

Naomi al'Moranwin,
Director of Events and Conferences

Department of Marketing

Staff and Position Changes

Co-Tower Voice changed hands over April to mid-May, as Laralelle Susandrea had to step down and was then replaced by Enelya al'Morna on April 6. In mid-July Reniel Killan‎ stepped down from External Marketing Coordinator and the position went through a few revisions before the vacancy was ready for hiring.

In October, our Editor of the Tar Valon Times, Taelinn Dolivras, was hired as the Head of her Ajah, and after a month's hiring process Jeffan Caliarthan was chosen to replace her, and Maibella ni Rhoiden t'al'Varrak was hired as the new Assistant Editor. The Assistant Editor position has been vacant since Taelinn took over as Editor–in-Chief.

Regular rotations of both the Tar Valon Times staff and the Graphics Development staff continued, but were shifted back one month, so hiring was done in May and November to offset with other Department hirings that usually occur in June and December.


Marketing has also gone through a bit of updating and clean up. We created the email wiseone@ for our Tar Valon Times staff to use. We have also retired a few emails in the process, including productmanager@, tvtstaff@, and visualresources@. We hope this will help clean up a few confusions in our communication and streamline our available contacts.

Tar Valon Times

We have had regular releases each month, ranging from five to 14 articles per edition. Looking ahead, our Editor and his staff are looking to release more long-term recurring articles, along with a steady stream of favorite articles, games and contests.

Member Spotlights of 2014

Marketing Team

Ajah and Company Logos

January started with an open discussion of our current progress on logos, to which we invited Heads of Ajah, Company Commanders, and their chosen seconds. The discussion lasted for approximately one month and we gathered a great deal of feedback that became vital to how we were going to progress visually and aesthetically.

May saw the change in Ajah and Company colors to associated Pantone colors, effectively standardizing their print color. This allows us to guarantee that every time we see any logo printed, the color will universally be the same. The color changes are not drastic but can be noticeable depending on both browser and monitor settings.

July started the second discussion on the logos and further feedback from the Hall. In this discussion the Hall members were allowed to bring their prospective logos back to their membership groups. This was the first time the logo progression had been shared with a broader group. Feedback was collected until the beginning of August when it was once again brought back into Marketing for final revisions.

The official logos were released November 10, 2014, over a month ahead of their prospective completion date.

TarValon.Net Shop
CafePress and Zazzle

After a little casual research among the members of the site in General, and an extensive look into various venues online, the TarValon.Net Shop has now been expanded to include Zazzle. This is an experimental endeavor in hopes of giving our members more options and venues to purchase wares and also of expanding our otherwise limited options for quality items. The Zazzle Shop was officially introduced to the community May 29. It will remain open for one year, at which time we will review whether we switch, continue with CafePress, or use both.

Projects of 2014

Flyers and Advertising

New fliers and advertising images are currently being updated to reflect the new layout and new logos. We hope to release them before JordanCon 2015.

Official Site Banner

After our Fundraiser Against Humanity, Marketing and Technology Departments released new and updated banner image(s). There are two images that we will now use for official banners and just in general use for TV.net purposes. These were used to further develop elements for TV.net vBulletin 5.1 boards, and these elements were retained when we had to switch back to our vBulletin 4.2 boards.

Director's Blog

Four blog posts were published in 2014:

  • "Desk of the Dictator: January 15
  • "An Update on Our Store": May 29
  • "A Showing of Colors": July 21
  • "Wait, a New Banner?": August 27

Goals for 2015: Moving Forward

2015 is the year we are hoping to work on branching more outside our little circle and networking. The past few months we have been looking into new social networks (Tumblr, Pinterest, etc), along with conventions and social events outside our usual sphere of influence. There is already a fair load of responsibility on the Tower Voices, so this would be something we are seriously looking into as a new role or potentially revamping a few roles into something the community needs. This is an ongoing project that is gaining the input of multiple Directors and the Officers.

This past year we completed the monumental task of the Ajah and Company logos. Now it is time to spread out and share the wealth. We are currently in the progress of creating a special logo for our amazing Citizens, and then after that, we are looking into Department logos. It was also requested to make combined logos for marriages and bonds, but this might be a 2016 project.

One of the last goals we are aiming for in the coming year is keeping the department accessible, fun, and an inviting place for both the new and the old. The interest of reporters in the TVT has not seemed to wane much in the past few years, and is now growing even more, but our Graphic Team has been low in numbers. We hope to increase the interest in this aspect of the department, encouraging all kinds of artists and contributions, not just with large projects but also with some small ones as well.

It is also sorely tempting to make 2015 the year of MSPaint Graphics. It could be fun.

Ariadne Davion,
Director of Marketing

Department of Membership

The Department of Membership is responsible for fostering a sense of community within TV.net. It is involved with the administrative tasks that relate to the membership and attempts to create a bridge between individual groups and the site at large.

Citizen Status

New membership was somewhat lower in 2014, although we hope that it was just a slow year in terms of growth. Applications came in at an average rate of three a month for 38 new Citizens in total, with April and August being much higher than other months. 2014 brought in an equal number of males and females.

Tower Members

Eleven applied to the Tower in the last year, and six to Accepted and Soldier. We had a good run of 28 members raised to Senior Member status.

Nine people demoted, bringing the totals to the numbers in the graph Members by Rank (see Appendix D).

Summary of 2014

Membership groups worked hard and began to discuss how their groups would feel about Integrating members. In the Integration discussion groups, representatives banded together to bring about many ideas that will be implemented in the coming year.

The vBulletin 5.1 boards proved a little bit difficult to work with, so some of the planned projects with the membership groups could not go ahead.

The Welcome Committee has been doing an exceptional job, and there is now an addition of a Citizen class to help new members navigate the site and meet new (and old) members.

Looking Forward to 2015

The Junior Membership Admins should hopefully be creating their new event, Tar Valon's Got Talent. Similar to the Project Gaidin challenge of 2011, this aims to bring all of the Junior Members together in a fun event. As Integration will be happening, this project will be introduced toward the end of the Spring Term, and there are plans to ensure that Citizens are also included in this new endeavor.

The Mayor is expanding her department to include other staff members — this should greatly improve the Citizenship of TV.net and lighten the workload that we can expect to see as the new ideas are implemented to improve membership satisfaction at various levels.

The new raising test should also be fully usable at this time.

At various stages of the year, the Integration system will be reviewed to keep members happy with the developments.

Membership statistics can be found in Appendix D.

The complete list of volunteers is given in Appendix F.

Sa'areah Britthorn,
Director of Membership

Department of Moderators and Operators

Annual Overview

The title of the department officially changed this year to reflect all the functions this department fulfills. Formerly the Department of Moderators, it is now the Department of Moderators and Operators.

During the 2013 Fall Admin Meeting, we agreed to begin hiring ops every six months for a six-month term, as we do mods, rather than hiring them in perpetuity, to ensure that our ops remain at all times fresh and committed to their work. In April we held our first round of hiring for chat ops under the new system of terms. Seventeen brave souls stepped forward to help us manage our IRC offerings and have created a much clearer, more consistent moderation presence in chat. Nine months in, the system is working as intended and we have a cadre of active, committed ops managing the Tower's chat channels.

This year saw the creation of a new forum to handle the Mafia games that had more or less taken over Frivolous Fun. The new forum, with all previous Mafia and Assassins threads merged into it, is one of the largest on the boards. To help manage this new forum, two new staff moderator positions were created, one to manage Mafia, the other to manage Assassins. These moderators set the schedule and control who gets to run which game when, help educate game mods and players alike to help everyone have a successful game, and, like all mods, enforce forum and site rules. Due to the involved nature of their duties, each moderator is given a one-year term, rotation offset by six months to make sure there is always an experienced hand at the wheel. Eli Soljourn was selected as the first Mafia moderator and Eluial Aldaran as the first Assassins moderator. Each has already been handling their respective roles unofficially and they were the clear choices to set the tone for these new positions. Eluial was re-hired in October for a full one-year term and continues to do an outstanding job in the role.

We also this year divided Entertainment and Technology into three new Discussion Halls, Entertainment, Gaming, and Tech Talk, to help keep the three factions from talking over and drowning one another out. This occasioned a re-balancing of responsibility between the Discussion A and B moderators. Their loads have now been balanced according to post count, and everything seems to be working well following the transition.

On the back end, in the interests of greater departmental integration, cooperation, and consistency in moderation across all our offerings, all mods and ops were given access to both Mod Squad and Op Squad. The two fora deal with different issues in different ways, but the same culture and the philosophy of moderation should be guiding moderation decisions in both. We have had a lot of good crossintra-departmental discussions and a lot of helpful viewpoints that simply would not have been available before. This change has been quite positive.

Looking Forward to 2015

Work continues on the Moderator's Handbook, and the intrepid Zashara Sho'am is heading up revisions to our IRC guidelines and teaching an IRC 101 class both for the new folks we have had join lately and for anyone who needs a refresher course.

Our department's major challenge continues to be a comparatively low number of applicants, many times one per post. Particularly in our more intensive positions (e.g. CE mods), this has made it considerably more difficult than we would like to let existing staff take a term or two off. Solutions are being contemplated, but nothing is precipitate as yet.

Kelgan al'Moranwin,
Director of Moderators and Operators

Department of Research and Records

Annual Overview

2014 was a quieter year for the department than 2013. With no new book released, our focus was on maintaining the Tower histories and expanding the Wheel of Time–related material where possible. Aryela Dashtahd continued as Headteacher until January 24, when she was replaced by Charis Delphi. We also had a change in the Historians as Zimone Zarasri stepped down, replaced by Bryher al'Venna.

We increased the number of content pages by nearly 100 and our page views are now over 16 million, another increase of around 50% on the previous year's total, and we now have just over 7,000 content pages. Egwene is still the most viewed Wheel of Time article, and Bonding Dates is the most viewed TV.net article. As with last year, we must be cautious about reading too much into these statistics as one of our most viewed pages is a member page, with over 40,000 views. In a 9-day period in January 2015, this attracted over 800 page views, which, while consistent with the other most popular pages, seems a little high for one person. There are 143 pages with over 10,000 views, up from 88 at the end of 2013, and 2,877 pages with over 1,000 views, 377 more than the previous year.

Taken together, this suggests that the Library is still being used considerably, but there may be other factors accounting for the page views.

We are currently up-to-date on all staff positions and Who's Who and have re-written where appropriate to take account of Integration.

For 2014, our goals were:

  1. Finish the character updates
  2. Work on other updates – places, concept, etc.
  3. Expand chapter summaries for books 1–5

At the time, it was acknowledged that it would depend on whether we could recruit members to help out. As the number of members writing articles has dropped to essentially zero in recent years, it was felt that the first of the aims was most realistic, but even that it might not be possible.

In the end, we came close to completing aim 1 and limited work on aim 2.

Looking Forward to 2015

Late 2015 will see the release of the Wheel of Time companion book. We currently have not addressed how we will adjust for this new information.

Goals for Book Pages

  1. Finish the remaining character updates
  2. Finish re-organizing the principal characters
  3. Use the re-read to update and improve the expanded chapter summaries

Goals for Site-Related Pages

  1. Keep the site-related pages up-to-date
  2. Expand and improve the Real Life Events Pages

Toral Delvar,
Director of Research and Records

Department of Technology

Staff Changes

The only staff change in 2014 was an in-department shift. Megana Vallentin was moved from Technology Staff to the Site Design Team.

Annual Overview

The Department of Technology supports the infrastructure of TV.net. While the main objective is to maintain the availability of our website and message boards, members of the department are also utilized as a technical resource for other projects. In addition to general staff who work on projects, there are several named positions that handle specific areas of support:

  • Masters of the Watch - Systems Administrators who maintain servers and deal with any and all server-related functions for us.
  • Tower Gatekeepers - Move users into/out of usergroups by Administration request.
  • Site Design - Create/tweak themes used by TV.net.

This year Technology continued to support TV.net in a variety of ways. SSL was finally implemented, increasing our website's security. Tower Gatekeepers slogged through 1,447 posts in their quest to move people where they needed to be. Our Site Design Team created a brand new, awesome theme for us to use in vBulletin 4 and 5. Over 85 "help me!" requests emailed to support@ and technology@ were answered.

vBulletin 5

To be blunt, our big project for 2014 ended up being a massive letdown. You have my sincerest apology for this wasted endeavor. In March, vBulletin had finally released a version of vBulletin 5 that would allow us to change the user experience for members of Ajahs and Companies. We were so excited! Over the summer several of us in Technology worked our tails off to test out vBulletin 5, work up a new theme, and get ready for a launch in the Fall. On October 5, 2014, we switched from vBulletin 4 to vBulletin 5. It was rough; lots of errors and quirks sprang up, and we were putting out fires left and and right in a mad scramble to make things work. Eventually, we reached the point where things just would not work. vBulletin support did not resolve errors, and we had members who simply could not access the site at all. We decided to roll back to vBulletin 4; this was done toward the end of November. All data posted to vBulletin 5 was irretrievable. A vBulletin 5 archive was made available to the community to save any posts/threads/PMs they needed.

Looking Forward to 2015

After dealing with vBulletin 5 for most of 2014, Technology will be taking it easy on any major undertakings (or that is the plan). Normal support services will continue to be maintained, but we will not be adopting any large-scale projects until 2016 (projected). On the table for 2015 are two things:

  • Raising Tests - Previously postponed, we will be trying to get this complete and rolled out in the coming year.
  • Platform Research - We are not exactly thrilled with vBulletin, and we will be taking time this year to research alternative platforms that TarValon.Net might use in the future.

Erin al'Denael,
Director of Technology


Appendix A: Financial Data

Fiscal Year 2015 Budget

Line Item Budgets Amount
Amyrlin Amyrlin Awards $350
Amyrlin Networking expenses $150
Keeper Keeper Awards $150
Shatayan Debt $2,000
Shatayan Background Checks $100
Shatayan AL Renewal $0
Shatayan Office Supplies $0
Shatayan Shipping $200
Shatayan Misc expenses* $500
Administration Lawyer Retainer $50
Administration Accountant $0
Administration Membership Survey Prize $25
Community Outreach Scholarship $500
Community Outreach Annual Fundraiser $275
Community Outreach Feast of Lights $0
Community Outreach Prize Cache $300
Community Outreach Anni – North Georgia $100
Community Outreach Fall Ball – St. Petersburg $0
Community Outreach B&I – Sea Houses $0
Events Jordon Con $315
Events Misc Event related items $250
Marketing JordonCon ad $110
Membership Membership Acknowledgements $20
Membership Retroactive Membership Acknowledgements Pending research
Technology Domain $0
Technology Hosting $250
Technology Backup Server $200
Technology SSL $60
TOTAL $5,405
  • *Miscellaneous expenses not otherwise budgeted for or predicted.

Note: Events are removed from the budget.

Fiscal Year 2014 Budget

Category Original Budget Revised Budget Used Percentage
Debt Payments $1500 $500 $500 100%
Domain $0.00 $0 $0 100%
Hosting $350.00 $0 $0 100%
Scholarship $500.00 $500 $0* 0%
Lawyer Retainer $250.00 TBD $0 0%
Accountant $250.00 $0 $0 100%
Office/Printing/Shipping $350.00 $0 $0 100%
Marketing $110.00 $100 $100 100%
Anni $15,000.00 $13,000 $11,106.93*** 85%
JordanCon $100.00 $85 $82.52 97%
B&I $2,500.00 $1,450 £963.37 / $1,464.32** 101%
Fall Ball $6,500.00 $0 $1,319.46*** Exceeded budget
South Pacific $5,000.00 $0 $561.80*** Exceeded budget
Awards $500.00 $0 $18.43**** Exceeded budget
Prizes $1,000.00 $0 $0 100%
Membership Gifts $500.00 $0 $0 100%
Backup Server $200.00 $0 $0 100%
Networking Expenses $250.00 $0 $0 100%
Grand Total $34,860.00 $15,635 $15,153.46
  • *Scholarship for calendar year 2014 was paid in Fiscal Year 2015.
  • **Conversion based on rate on January 15, 2015, which was $1.52 to £1.
  • ***Expenses for this category in FY 2014. Anni includes expenses for both Anni 2014 and Anni 2015. Fall Ball includes expenses for Fall Ball 2014. South Pacific was for South Pacific 2014.

Note: Due to South Pacific 2014 being canceled, funds were returned in FY2015.

  • ****Membership Awards. Amyrlin and Keeper awards were paid for by the respective award givers.

Fiscal Year 2015 Budget

This table reflects the amount of funds used as of December 31, 2014. The percentage is of the budgeted amount for FY2015 that runs from September 1, 2014, to August 31, 2015.

Line Item Budgets Amount Used Percentage
Amyrlin Amyrlin Awards $350 $0 0%
Amyrlin Networking expenses $150 $0 0%
Keeper Keeper Awards $150 $0 0%
Shatayan Debt $2,000 $1,500 75%
Shatayan Background Checks $100 $47.95 48%
Shatayan AL Renewal $0 $0 100%
Shatayan Office Supplies $0 $0 100%
Shatayan Shipping $200 $0 0%
Shatayan Misc expenses* $500
Administration Lawyer Retainer $50 $0 0%
Administration Accountant $0 $0 0%
Administration Membership Survey Prize $25 $0 0%
Community Outreach Scholarship $500 $500** 100%
Community Outreach Annual Fundraiser $275 $109.79 40%
Community Outreach Feast of Lights $0 $0 0%
Community Outreach Prize Cache $300 $0 0%
Community Outreach Anni – North Georgia $100 $0 0%
Community Outreach Fall Ball – St. Petersburg $0 $0 100%
Community Outreach B&I – Sea Houses $0 $0 100%
Events JordonCon $315 $0 0%
Events Misc Event related items $250 $0 0%
Marketing JordonCon ad $110 $0 0%
Membership Membership Acknowledgements $20 $0 0%
Membership Retroactive Membership Acknowledgements pending research $0
Technology Domain $0 $0 0%
Technology Hosting $250 $216 86%
Technology Backup Server $200 $0 0%
Technology SSL $60 $0 0%
TOTAL $5,405 $2,373.74 44%
  • *Miscellaneous expenses not otherwise budgeted for or predicted.
  • **2014 Scholarship paid in FY2015. Thus there is a reflection in FY2014 showing underutilization and FY2015 will show an overutilization of this line item.

Note: Events are removed from the FY2015 budget.

FY2014 Year End Income Statement

Revenue Year to Date
Donations $4,704.41
Event "ticket" $9,923.31
Less Event ticket reimbursements $1,580.30
Net sales $13,047.42
Cost of Sales Year to Date
Cost of Inventory $0.00
Sale of Goods (CafePress) $104.30
Gross profit (loss) $104.30
Operating Expenses Year to Date
Housing $9,227.65
Dining $473.95
Entertainment $89.09
Welcome $212.98
Decoration $33.74
Miscellaneous $0.00
Purchase equipment $0.00
Total Event expenses $10,037.41
Professional Fees $0.00
Printing/Shipping $18.43
Insurance $684.46
Currency Conversion $1.69
Awards & Prizes $0.00
PayPal fees $87.02
Other fees $42.00
Office supplies $0.00
Networking Expenses $0.00
Marketing $110.00
Debt Repayment $500.00
Total General/Administrative expenses $1,443.60
Community Outreach
Scholarship $0.00
Philanthropy $200.00
Total Community Outreach $200.00
Membership Gifts
Total Membership expenses $0.00
Hosting $0.00
Hardware $0.00
Software $209.00
Total Technology expenses $209.00
Total operating expenses $1,261.71
Extraordinary gain or loss $0.00
Net Income (Loss) $1,261.71

FY2014 Year End Statement of Cash Flows

Cash flows from operating activities
Cash received from donations $4,704.41
Cash received from event tickets $9,923.31
Cash received from gaming $0.00
Cash received from inventory $0.00
Cash received from sales (CafePress) $104.93
Cash paid for event reimbursements $1,580.30
Cash paid for events $10,452.76
Cash paid for inventory $0.00
Cash paid for General/Administrative $535.86
Cash paid for Membership Gifts $0.00
Cash paid for Tech $209.00
Cash paid for Community Outreach $200.00
Other $0.00
Net cash provided (used) by operating activities $1,754.73
Cash flows from investing activities
Cash received from sale of capital assets (plant and equipment, etc.) $0
Cash received from collection of notes receivable $0
Cash paid for purchase of capital assets $0
Other $0
Net cash provided (used) by investing activities $0
Cash flows from financing activities
Cash paid to retire debt $500
Other $0
Net cash provided (used) in financing activities $0
Cash balance at the beginning of the period $7,791.03
Cash balance at the end of the period $9,694.25

YTD FY2015 Income Statement

Revenue Year to Date
Donations $1,426.75
Event "ticket" $6,033.25
Gaming $0.00
Less Event ticket reimbursements
Net sales $7,460.00
Cost of Sales Year to Date
Cost of Inventory $0.00
Sale of Goods (CafePress) $0.00
Gross profit (loss) $0.00
Operating Expenses Year to Date
Housing $684.45
Dining $319.70
Entertainment $67.50
Welcome $52.47
Decoration $0.00
Miscellaneous $0.00
Purchase equipment $0.00
Total Event expenses $1,124.12
Professional Fees $0.00
Printing/Shipping $0.00
Insurance $0.00
Currency Conversion $0.00
Awards & Prizes $109.79
PayPal fees $98.11
Other fees $47.95
Office supplies $0.00
Networking Expenses $0.00
Marketing $0.00
Debt Repayment $1,500.00
Total General/Administrative expenses $1,755.85
Community Outreach
Scholarship $500.00

YTD FY2015 Statement of Cash Flow

Cash flows from operating activities
Cash received from donations $1,426.75
Cash received from event tickets $6,033.25
Cash received from gaming $0.00
Cash received from inventory $0.00
Cash received from sales (CafePress) $0.00
Cash paid for event reimbursements $0.00
Cash paid for events $1,124.12
Cash paid for inventory $0.00
Cash paid for General/Administrative $255.85
Cash paid for Membership Gifts $0.00
Cash paid for Tech $216.00
Cash paid for Community Outreach $500.00
Other $0.00
Net cash provided (used) by operating activities $9,555.97
Cash flows from investing activities
Cash received from sale of capital assets (plant and equipment, etc.) $0
Cash received from collection of notes receivable $0
Cash paid for purchase of capital assets $0
Other $0
Net cash provided (used) by investing activities $0
Cash flows from financing activities
Cash paid to retire debt $1,500
Other $0
Net cash provided (used) in financing activities $0
Cash balance at the beginning of the period $9,694.25
Cash balance at the end of the period $14,409.50

Appendix B: Donor List


The names given in these lists are taken directly from the donor statements, so there may be some misspellings or inconsistencies depending on what information was provided at the time of donation. Names listed more than once indicate multiple donations.

Fundraiser Against Humanity Donors (Tower names included)
Feast of Light 2014 Donors

Tower Name

Blood Drive Donors
Tower Name Number of donations
Aryawnah Federov 2
Brandon Tataru 5
Bryher al'Venna 4
Cassandra Dainar 1
Dareth d'Rahien 1
Dnae Ila 3
Elin al'Nia 3
Elorenya d'Rahien 1
Hilwa Katir 1
Ivien Tarkand 1
Kitan Tataru 3
Lireina ni Dormerus t'al`Bearach 1
Marivea al'Corriyi 4
Niere al'Aman 1
Sam Thamyn 1
Shariyan Al'Feay 1
Sonea Ilandred 1
Taika Vinh 3
Verscen Ter Sala 1

Appendix C: Award Winners

Amyrlin Award Winners

Member of the Year

Avatar Erin.jpeg

Erin al'Denael

I am sure that no one reading this could ever be surprised that Erin Sedai is this year's Member of the Year. She is one of the most responsive, hardworking individuals we have, and I cannot say enough great things about her. She is innovative, plotsy (did y'all see Tar Bacon?), and is constantly looking for ways we can improve our situation and the experience that we are able to provide to our members. If you add up the months of everything she has done here over the years, it comes out to more than 13 YEARS of service. That is beyond incredible.

Unsung Servant

Avatar Kerna.jpg

Kerna Shedrian

Kerna Sedai has done so many things for TarValon.Net that I have to direct you to her Library page to get a full sense of it. This past year she has been working extremely hard behind the scenes on merits with Serenla Sedai, and has been helping to train a new group of people on how to get the merits pages up to date and show that the merits have been earned. She also is a fount of information on all things Tower related and could probably find a stat for you out of the Library on just about any topic you could come up with. Thank you so much, Kerna, for all of your hard work!!

Volunteer of the Year


Mirandha Laflor

Mirandha Sedai performs an extremely difficult, sometimes thankless but extremely necessary role in the Department of Administration. She was originally brought in as staff in the department, then was put in charge of the Membership Survey. Then, due to her amazing skills, we decided to throw more tasks on her plate and ask her to help create and analyze the bullying survey that went out, then the Integration Survey. The information she conveyed to the Administration from those surveys helps us to see what all of the members were thinking on various topics, and to use that information to help make decisions about how to proceed.

Philanthropist of the Year


Nethanel al'Tere

Nethanel Gaidin has consistently contributed to this community over the years even at times when we are not actively fundraising. He gives of his time (he is currently our San d'ma Shadar Honor Guard) and his resources generously and consistently.

Keeper Award Winners

Extraordinary Service


Defen Estrator

A somewhat reclusive member of Dai M'Hael, Defen has been one of our Tower Masters of the Watch for over seven years, hosting and maintaining our server environment over this period of time and more. Ready to jump onboard to assist whenever there is a database or server issue, he has taken calls at just about every time of day or night, and maintains a very laid back and friendly personality throughout all of the wonderful vagaries our environments have endured over the years. I think it is probably safe to say that without him, we most likely would not be the site we are today.

Staff Member of the Year

Avatar Megana.jpg

Megana Vallentin

Megana, a member of the Gray Ajah, was part of our Tech Department before becoming our new Site Designer at the beginning of 2014. Since then, she has jumped in and tackled the task of overhauling and updating our "face" for the boards — a feat she managed not only for our current iteration of the boards, but for the short lived transition to vB5 as well. Her creativity coupled with her technical knowledge has given us a great look for the Tower, and I look forward to seeing what all she has to offer in the future.  

Non Membership Admin of the Year


Siera al'Cere

Siera (formerly Hanajima) also comes to us from the Gray Ajah, and has been our Marketing Project Manager for the past three years, after having served the community in a variety of other roles, both Marketing-related and not. Most recently, she tackled the enormous task of overhauling our Company and Ajah logos, working directly with members of the Senior Member community to tailor these symbols of our membership to each group's specifications. No easy task to do, she added this in on top of a variety of other ongoing projects for our CafePress and Zazzle stores, as well as graphic design work by request for other departments. Her love for what she does is evident to anyone that works with her, and is greatly appreciated.

Membership Admin of the Year

Avatar Xander.jpg

Xander Silverstar

A member of San d'ma Shadar, Xander (formerly Atreyu) is currently serving as our Captain of Recruits. Having also previously served as our Captain of Soldiers, along with a variety of other roles within the Tower across several departments, he has been very involved in every aspect of the progression process for our Junior Members on the Gaidin path. In both roles, he worked to streamline the documentation process for mentoring and membership information for his folks, as well as being involved with activities designed to help get our Junior and Senior Members interacting in fun ways for everyone.

Moderator of the Year

Avatar Ty.jpg

Ty al'Djinn

Ty, a member of San d'ma Shadar, is currently serving his second term as a Moderator for Current Events Forum, one of our more challenging forums to navigate, let alone moderate due to the nature of the commentary and conversation handled in its demesne. He has been involved not only in the moderation of the forum, but in working to help find ways to make sure it continues to be a viable and active part of the community and allows those that participate there to keep the debate-like atmosphere along with a respectful demeanor while discussing some of the world's more polarizing topics of conversation.

Members' Choice Awards

Appendix D: Membership Statistics

Appendix E: Executives

The Board of Directors
Melissa S. Craib Dombrowski January 1–December 31
Amanda M. Keen January 1–December 31
Joseph Pistritto January 1–December 31
James Beattie January 1–December 31
Ashley Morgan January 1–October 5
CEO Amyrlin Seat Vivianna L’antreau January 1–December 31
Amyrlin-Elect Rhed al’Tere October 5–December 31
COO Keeper Lireina Dormerus t'al`Bearach January 1–December 31
CFO Shatayan Ubahsur Kindellaer January 1–December 31
Secretary Archivist Serenla Tamowith January 1–December 31
Department Directors
Administration Calypsa al’Nicolai January 1–December 31
Community Outreach Tree al'Rotture January 1–August 29
Aryawnah Federov August 29– December 31
Events and Conferences Sonea Ilandred January 1–September 28
Vacant September 28–November 14
Naomi al'Moranwin November 14–December 31
Marketing Arie Davion January 1–December 31
Membership Sa’areah Britthorn January 1–December 31
Moderators and Operators Kelgan al’Moranwin January 1–December 31
Research and Records Toral Delvar January 1–December 31
Technology Erin al’Denael January 1–December 31

Appendix F: Volunteer Lists


Annual Report Project Manager
Membership Survey Project Manager
Survey Team Statisticians
Survey Team Consultants
Legal Research Team
TV.net Legal Counsel
  • Hammar O'Justice: January 1–December 31 (reports to Amyrlin but may participate on Department of Administration Legal Research Team)

Community Outreach

Community Care Coordinator
Servant of All
Servant of All Coordinator
Servants of All Planning Committee
Servant of All Staff
Outreach Activities
Outreach Activities Coordinator
Outreach Activities Graphics Coordinator
  • Vacant
Outreach Activities Team

Events and Conferences

Mistress of Revels - Britain and Ireland
Mistress/Master of Revels - Continental Europe
  • [Vacant]
Mistress of Revels - North America
Mistress of Revels - South Pacific
Events Marshals
Property Mistress
Conference Coordinator


Tower Voice
Marketing Project Manager
External Marketing Coordinator
Graphics Development Team
The Tar Valon Times
TVT Editor
Assistant Editor
TVT Writers


Junior Member Administrators & Staff
Welcoming Committee
Mistress of Novices
Captain of Recruits
Mistress of Accepted
Captain of Soldiers
Senior Member Administrators & Staff
Blue Head of Ajah
Blue Heart of Ajah
Brown Head of Ajah
Brown Heart of Ajah
Gray Head of Ajah
Gray Heart of Ajah
Green Head of Ajah
Green Heart of Ajah
Red Head of Ajah
Red Heart of Ajah
White Head of Ajah
White Heart of Ajah
Yellow Head of Ajah
Yellow Heart of Ajah
Dai M'Hael Company Commander
Dai M'Hael Honor Guard
Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb Company Commander
Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb Honor Guard
San d'ma Shadar Company Commander
San d'ma Shadar Honor Guard
Val'Cueran Company Commander
Val'Cueran Honor Guard

Moderators and Operators

General and Frivolous Fun
Current Events
Olde Warder and Hen
Book Forum
Discussion A (Entertainment and Technology/Home and Garden/Creative Endeavors)
Discussion B (Sports Fanatics/Health and Fitness/Education and Employment)
Master of Chat
Chat Operators

Research and Records

Assistant to Director of Research


Master of the Watch
Site Designer
Tower Gatekeeper

Non Departmental Staff

Hall of the Tower
Dai M'Hael
Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb
San d'ma Shadar
Merit Badge Focus Group

End date is provisional. Group became inactive earlier in the year.

Merit Minions
Merit Staff
Other Positions
Integration Focus Group