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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Elansu is the Shatayan of Fal Dara keep. She has black hair and a sharp face (TGH, Ch. 2).

Even though Ronan, the shambayan of the keep, is her equal, she does not leave many duties to him except for ceremonies and being Lord Agelmar's personal secretary (TGH, Ch. 2).

When Rand decides to sneak out of Fal Dara, he finds Elansu and seven other women in his apartments collecting his clothes on Moiraine's order (TGH, Ch. 2).

Rand warns Mat and Perrin that Elansu might take their old clothes off their backs, if they do not give them to her (TGH, Ch. 3).


"He thought of the sharp-faced woman as a housekeeper, though the house she kept was a fortress and scores of servants did her bidding." (Rand about Elansu; The Great Hunt, Chapter 2)