Eurian Romavni

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Eurian Romavni was a traveler and author from Kandor.

In 946 NE, he publishes "A Journey to Tarabon" with detailed maps and descriptions. Egwene finds a copy of it in the Stone of Tear.

He writes that the Great Circle could hold thousands of people, to watch displays of the Illuminators' fireworks, for instance.

(Reference: TSR, Ch. 11)


"'A grand display of artifacts of Ages long past, of the Age of Legends and Ages before, open to all, even the common folk, three days in the month and on feastdays,' Eurian Romavni had written. He had spoken in glowing terms of the priceless display of cuendillar figures, six of them, in a glass sided case in the center of the hall, always watched by four of the Panarch's personal guards when people were allowed in, and had gone on for two pages about the bones of fabulous beasts 'never seen alive by the eyes of man.'" (Romavni in his Journey; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 11)