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The TarValon.Net Membership Manual contains additional information on this topic. participates in several Official Events each year, organised by the Department of Events and Conferences as well as numerous unofficial local gatherings held by our members.

We have a map of our past official parties in North America. Events

Anniversary Party

Main article: Anniversary Party

The initial Anniversary Party was held April 2002 and the following events are generally held between the middle of February and the middle of March each year. In 2014, will hold its 14th Anniversary Party in Northern Georgia.

Fall Ball

Main article: Fall Ball

Fall Ball is our second North American event, held in November or December each year.

European Events

Main article: Euro Parties

South Pacific Events

Main article: South Pacific Events

Supported Events organises gatherings at major science fiction and fantasy conferences. Currently, this is just one event, JordanCon. We maintained an official presence at Dragon*Con until 2012, when they discontinued their Wheel of Time track.


Main article: Jordan Con

Local Events

If several members live in the same area many will try to arrange unofficial meet ups every once in a while. Likewise, if another Tower member is coming to the area they may arrange to meet up, to show the visitor the area (even if it's just the inside of a pub).

Main article: Local Events

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