Anniversary Party 2002

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Anniversary Party 2002
Location Norman, Oklahoma, USA
Date April 5-7, 2002
Local Liaison Jorryn Gaille Varna

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TarValon.Net held its 1st Anniversary Party in Norman, Oklahoma, USA, April 5-7, 2002. The event was held at Jorryn Gaille Varna's home.


By: Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin in the Tower Parties Forum on the Old Boards

Our first anniversary party set the tone for the rest of our events, and creating traditions that are now part of our foundation.

We came to the central location of Norman, Oklahoma and filled the house of Jorryn Sedai with a bunch of happy and somewhat intoxicated Tower members. On our first day, we dressed up and went to a medieval fair despite the soggy conditions outside. While there, we met Valorian and Ruh0 for the first time and persuaded them to follow us "home" for the evening. It is rumored that the Amyrlin and Head of the Greens immediately decided that Valorian needed to be bonded as soon as possible and that one of them should do it. The Amyrlin won that encounter, but both Green Sisters made it their solemn duty for the evening to make him feel as "welcome" as possible. It worked. ;)

The evening brought heavy rain and thunderstorms which nixed the idea of having a bonfire and outdoor party. Festivities were held in Jorryn's intimate living room. The evening began with the Goldschläger toast, and everyone had several chances to imbibe the golden liquor. It was this evening when we first toasted to Al Gore for inventing the Internet. We held a series of trivia contests for Tower-related merchandise. I cant remember who won.... I was still too busy toasting. =P We then held our first ever Sa'sara competition. The interpretations were varied from traditional belly dance to simply shaking one's booty. But a good time was held by all, and the prize of a sword was given to two women who worked impressively together in seducing the judges with their wiggly hips and flexibility. Our first slave auction was also successful. Of course, back in those days, an expensive slave was $40. Prices have since gone up. ;-)

I recall this weekend quite fondly. I found my Warder, we had a good Tower Council and made some good decisions that helped to shape our future. It almost seems a shame that this event will never be that intimate again. And I am darned happy I got to be a part of it!







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At least 11 people attended Anniversary Party 2002.


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