Fal Moran

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Author: Toral Delvar


Fal Moran is the capital of Shienar and the seat of King Easar and is said to be the heart and soul of Shienar (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 28). The city is in the north of Shienar, but lies far enough away from the Blight to be safer than Fal Dara, though it is close enough to that town that people can be evacuated from there (TEotW, Ch. 48). It was to Fal Moran that Bukama and the other Malkieri survivors took Lan after the fall of Malkier (TEotW, Ch. 48). It is burned during the Last Battle to prevent the Trolloc army from finding anything useful there (AMoL, Ch. 16)

Characters from Fal Moran