Fall 2019 Executive Meeting

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The Fall 2019 Executive meeting was held on September 29. The Fall meeting tends to cover more changes and updates to policies and procedure, plus the budget for the coming year is discussed and approved at this meeting.



The Amyrlin transition is already underway. The Tech stuff should be turned over by the end of the year with the new Amyrlin primarily running things by January. Official ceremony to be held in March.

There is inventory to send over from both outgoing Amyrlin and Local Liasion for the past year's Anni. The inventory should be stored somewhere from either Amyrlin or Keeper.


Shatayan presented the budget for the next year and it was approved, next step is to send it to the Board of Directors.

Shatayan would like to transition from excel spreadsheet to another software for ease of updating and reporting.

Community Outreach

New name for the Department will possibly be considered in the future as 'Community Outreach' doesn't really reflect what it does anymore.

Events and Conferences


Europarty will be held in Serbia. Has a lot of people registered for attendance.

Fall Ball

Fall Ball has seen a decrease in interest this year, less people than expected have registered.

Anni 2020

This will be the last spring Anniversary party for now, changing Anni to be in the Fall instead. People seem excited. The area where the party is to be held is a little cut off from the rest, so it seems ideal for the goal.

Anni 2021

Currently it is planned to be held in October and would like to start planning as soon as possible.



Marketing has been researching ways to improve the SEO. The Library's keywords seem good, but it was discussed for the blog to have searchable articles. This could be changed and there is a software that can help.

Shatayan remarks that we might want to consider paying for a company to improve the SEO, but Tech mentioned that the benefits from 'gaming the system' are usually temporary and the best thing for SEO is to have useful content. Therefore the suggestion of the Shatayan was refused.

Front Page

Marketing suggests the tarvalon.net link to lead to a new front page and not to the forum anymore. It is discussed that the front page's text could be changed to reflect the community better and emphasizing the existence of a forum


Marketing would like to bring back the Project Manager position, which will take care of assigning and tracking graphics work



Numbers after the 2019 clean up do not look good and it looks membership is dwindling. Hopes are that the tv show will pick up the numbers.

No last names

Several people do not yet have last names (possibly joined before the rule) and it was discussed if they should be let to keep it that way. It was mentioned they cannot be forced to chose a last name.


It was mentioned that we should support people for speaking up and when making a complaint. Possibly move some complaints under Membership, so that if not anonymous they would be seen by less people.


Possible ways to streamline hiring. Keeper usually keeps track of how many and which people apply for positions.

Moderators and Operators

There has been an increase in spam bots posting on the boards. Options for preventing this have been discussed and Tech promised to look into a solution.

Several people have shown interest in moderating a Discord server.

Research and Records

New templates for the Annual Report have been sent and Execs were asked to start filling them.

The Membership Survey is being worked on and should be released soon.


Technology is working on projects to delegate to the Tech Staff.