Feast of Fools 2005

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Feast of Fools took place from July 24-28, 2005. This is the holiday where everything is topsy turvey and people of authority get ordered around.

Yenie's Idea of a tower switch was used. Each Ajah got to be a different Ajah or Company for these days.

List of switches;
  • Blue -> MDD
  • MDD -> Red
  • Red -> Yellow
  • Yellow -> Blue
  • Brown -> Green
  • Green -> Gray
  • Gray -> VC
  • VC -> DM
  • DM -> White
  • White -> SDS
  • SDS -> Brown

Recruits and Novices switched as well.

Citizens on the other hand became the lords and ladys of the community and ranked higher then all tower members.

Competitions between the groups for this free week included;
  • Most active group
  • Funniest
  • Most entertaining
  • Best impersonation
  • Most creative
  • Best involvement of the community