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Author: Fern al'Thorn, August 2017


One of the great sections of the Forums are the Discussion Halls. Here we can find topics of discussion ranging in everything from education to gaming, and everything in between. so if you haven't yet been to the Discussion Halls, maybe you should go and check it out!

For this article we will be looking at Fine Arts & Literary Pursuits.

Here is where we find the writers the artists and the pursuers of beauty and art in all it's forms. We have some very talented people here in the community and this is the place for them to post and talk about their work, get help and insights or just whine about writer's block.

There are photography projects that are going on, and some sketching and painting projects. There truly is a plethora of artistic endeavors going on with the members of the community.

I thought it would be good to ask some of the Mods of this forum some questions about what they like about it and things that they would like to see happen with the thread to promote some more traffic to this really cool spot in TarValon.Net

Elania al'Manir Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah had this to say about what she likes about this forum:

How long have you been a Mod for the thread?
I've been a moderator in Fine Arts & Literary pursuits since July of 2015, with a break from July-December 2016. So I've completed 3 terms (18 months) and just started my 4th.
What is it that you like about being a Mod for this forum?
I really like watching the collaboration between our creative talents. Someone will post a poem or story, and there's a really good chance that they're going to get feedback on it. And it's not just compliments, although those are great, but we're also able to provide constructive criticism and ask questions.
What are some of the things that you feel could be done to bring more talk that direction,ideas and such.
I'm enjoying Blu's weekly poetry prompts, and think it would be neat to do something similar to that in other genres. Or maybe run a contest of some sort. It would also be nice to have a thread for people to go outside of their comfort zones. "Normally write poetry? Post here with a short story instead." I've also noticed a lot of the activity lately has been related to writing, so we could do something to encourage other art forms as well.

I also asked Elia LePhant Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah her thoughts about the Forum:

How long have you been a Mod for the thread?
This is my first round as moderator! I'm very excited to be a member of the mod squad, and I'm happy to be moderating my favorite group of forums.
What is it that you like about being a mod there?
I get a chance to follow threads and posts that I normally might not have seen. As a moderator, I read every new post or thread, so I get to take the time to really examine our members' creative contributions. We have some very talented and passionate people at Tar Valon!
What are some of the things that you feel could be done to bring more talk that direction,ideas and such.
I would love to see more collaborative threads pop up. The poetry prompt thread, as well as the photography threads, are a good direction for the forum. I'd like to see more fine arts as well, perhaps a drawing prompt thread or monthly challenges. I'm also a big fan of writing workshops, and I think this would be a great way to workshop short pieces with one another.

I am of a mind that we have some amazing and talented people here, I am hoping to see more things come up in this aspect of the community. I would love to see some ideas or thoughts from our readers, and maybe some more notifications that the threads I love to watch there get some much needed love.

So if you haven't ventured into the Discussion Halls, go and give it a look and see what might be there for you!