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Description by Wen Chang, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah

Green passion is tempered by strength. That strength is about speaking up when there is a need, particularly when it involves an unpopular opinion, and having the courage to keep doing that – and to help your sisters and brothers keep doing that – even when you want to give up, and even when they want to give up. Greens fall in battle; sometimes we are knocked down, sometimes we fall from weariness. But what Greens always do, always, without fail, is get back up again. We may need a helping hand – and we will always find one of our sisters or brothers’ hands ready and able – but we never, ever give up, we never, ever run away. This is why, even though most of life’s wars are fought off the battlefield, if we do choose the military we make excellent soldiers. It is the core of what we are. It is why we do not choose Green, we simply are Green.

For further information on the Green Ajah at, it's members, traditions and history, see the Green Ajah Headquarters