Herid Fel

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Author: Nairah Tarak

Home nation: Andor

Appearance: He is a stout man, with thin gray hair that is never combed. (LoC, Ch. 18)

Herid Fel is a student of history and philosophy. He comes to Cairhien to study in the Royal Library when Rand comes and liberates the city. He stays and joins Rand's School of Cairhien. (LoC, Ch. 18) He has written "Reason and Unreason", among other books. (TPoD, Ch. 27)

Fel writes a note to Rand saying "Belief and order give strength. Have to clear rubble before you can build. Will explain when see you next. Do not bring girl. Too pretty." Then he leaves to go fishing. (LoC, Ch. 50)

He sits in his study in the School of Cairhien when the gholam squeezes under the door, he is killed before he understands what is happening. (LoC, Epilogue)