Lord of Chaos: Chapter 18

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Author: Val a'Shain

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A Taste of Solitude

Chapter Icon: Rising Sun

Points of View: Rand, Egwene, Sulin


Rand visits the Cairhien Academy and talks to Egwene.


Rand's Point of View:

Setting: Sun Palace, Cairhien Academy

Characters: Rand, Rhuarc, Berelain, Idrien, Kin Tovere

An annoyed Rand asks Rhuarc and Berelain if there is any other business they want him to take care of. There isn't so Rand sets the day of Mangin's hanging for the next morning and announces he will visit the school next. Berelain seems to think the school might actually produce something useful.

With a minimal escort of only two Aiel Rand makes his way to the school where Idrien and the teachers are already awaiting him when he arrives. Idrien must have her spies in the Sun Palace. She takes him past several of the projects being developed. Some look promising indeed. Others, like some sort of steam engine seem to be going nowhere. Rand awards Kin Tovere a hundred gold crowns to build the telescope he is working on. Rand asks if Herid Fel is around. Idrien says he is up in his room studying. Rand goes to pay him a visit.

Fel's room is the usual jumble off books and notes. The man doesn't seem to care for anything else. Rand asks him several questions about the Warder bond, doesn't seem to be much hope of breaking it. Fel also has his thoughts on the seals that hold the Dark One's prison and the turning of the Wheel. None of it seems to be very practical, or even reason for optimism but Rand still enjoys the conversation. Fel seems to forget he is talking to the Dragon Reborn.

Egwene's Point of View:

Setting: Sun Palace

Characters: Egwene, Sorilea, Niella, Rand, Sulin

Egwene is trying to find her way through the maze of corridors in the Sun Palace. She wants to see Rand. Aviendha seems to have business with the Wise Ones and she is not invited. Egwene is not pleased about that. Too stubborn to ask for directions she wanders through the palace until she runs into Sorilea. The Wise One tells her Rand is at the school and that he said not to follow him. Sorilea walks her to Rand's apartments. En route she tries to match Egwene with several suitable Aiel men. Sorilea seems to enjoy playing matchmaker. To Egwene's embarrassment this includes a detailed description of what those men look like without clothes. She protests Aes Sedai rarely marry but Sorilea seems to think that nonsense. Egwene's hips are meant for babies and she will have them. Could she have Gawyn's babies?

In Rand's apartments she finds Niella, Aviendha's sister and a gai'shain. Niella doesn't know when the Car'a'carn will be back. She refuses to tell what business Aviendha has with the Wise Ones. Egwene lets Niella get on with her work and waits for Rand to return.

When Rand gets back she asks him outright to help her convince the Wise Ones that she is well enough to return to her studies. Rand replies that it is good to see her too and that he is doing well. Egwene is slightly embarrassed but presses on. It is in his best interest to help her. She could carry messages from Elayne again if she can go back to the World of Dreams. Rand wants to know where Elayne is. He needs her to stabilize Andor and Cairhien for him. Egwene can't tell him. The agreement with Nynaeve and Elayne still holds. Still the pull of a powerful ta'veren such as Rand almost makes her tell him. Rand refuses to help her if she won't tell him. Angry Egwene leaves the room. She needs to talk to Elayne or Nynaeve before she encounters the Salidar Aes Sedai.

Rand's Point of View:

Setting: Sun Palace

Characters: Rand

A weary Rand thinks that Egwene has changed a lot since they left Emond's Field. She is definitely becoming an Aes Sedai and he should see her as such. Rand enjoyed his visit to the school but there are other people he still needs to see in Cairhien. He gets himself ready to go out again.

Sulin's Point of View:

Setting: Sun Palace

Characters: Sulin

Sulin is sitting in a garden below Rand's apartments. She receives a signal Rand has left again. Keeping an eye on the only son of a Maiden who ever returned to them is getting very hard this way. They will make sure nothing happens to him though, whatever his wishes are.

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