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Old Red Ajah Traditions we remember still

RedAjah5.png Torturing Barbie

Found an explanation of this one posted by long-lost Red Mar'Alex, the originator of the tradition, on the old boards: Ok. Here is the Story of Barbie as it was.

I was then an Accepted and Masayna Sedai from the Red Ajah was my mentor.

We were in an adult chat playing Thruth or Dare and as I was an Acepted she told me to be there but to behave. So I was sitting in a corner sometimes making bad jokes about what was happening.

She was so tired of me she gave me a Malibu Barbie. I looked at the dool with disgust, but then she offered me a mini-set with torture objects, so I started torturing Barbie. I liked torturing Barbie!!!

She gave me another Barbie then, so I could train my arts on both. And she also gave me a lighter!!! So I melted both Barbies together so they could be really close to one another.

Everyone liked it so much that I stared being known by my Barbies and she set me a Dolls house full of Barbies on the Hallways. There she would give me dools and I would "play" with them and drink tea. Those were good times.

When I went to EuroParty in England I took Barbie with me. Yes, I real Barbie and I tortured her alive. We have lots of pictures of her being tortured. It was to be my Acepted Project.

Barbie even made an appearence on the boards, and she brought to Ken's with her. They were really popular and she never understood why people didn't like her.

She loves Relk (and there are several pictures to prove it) and she lives still in my dugeon, but she escapes from time to time and trouble arises.

As I choose the Red Ajah, Barbie come with me and she even visited my dugeon from time to time. I was from then the Mistress of Barbies.

Oh! I still have the Barbie I took to England, dressed the way we dressed her there. and the pics of it, lots of pics.

Mar'Alex Sedai

RedAjah5.png Marriage

Since we don't have any Warders, one Valentine's Day we all decided to marry each other. You will often see us affectionately call each other "wife". In fact, we renewed our vows in 2009; the Greens were our Bridesmaids and Dralyn officiated!

RedAjah5.png Fluffy Bunny and Other Mascots

- Fluffy Sedai and Fishy Gaidin: Yenie's pets who are unofficial mascots of the Red Ajah. Fluffy Sedai is her cat--she even has her own Red shawl!

- Fluffy Bunny: there's no real bunny. However, Yenie used to tell us we cursed too much. So she set up a code so that every time someone tried to post a curse word, it was replaced with the phrase "fluffy bunny". You'll often see us use the phrase "fluffy bunny" instead of the F-word.

- Happy Bunny: Ah, sarcasm and a bunny! It was meant to be that a lot of us consider Happy Bunny an unofficial Red mascot

RedAjah5.png Historical Mistress Titles

  • Ariana - Mistress of Nothing
  • Lyuna - Mistress of Typos
  • Leora - Mistress of Facts