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caption=We are the Red Ajah
"The Red Ajah is like a frozen Snickers bar - in one word, Awesome. Kind of tough to chew through, might break your teeth, but it leaves you thinking, 'Whoa, that was Amazing.'"

RedAjah5.png The Red Ajah at

‎ About the Red Ajah

What can be said about the Red Ajah?
We are strong and independent, this is true. We are also passionate. These things might be said of a lot of the membership groups at, but it is the Red Ajah's brand of strength and passion that is different, that is special to us, that sets us apart.
There is no typical Red Aes Sedai. We are each vividly different; we might not always get along, but we adhere to a strong sense of family and togetherness. We might fight amongst ourselves from time to time, but heaven help anyone who does wrong to one of ours. That person will meet the justice of the Red Ajah face to face.
We are family. We defend and support one another. We take the wearing of the Red shawl deadly seriously, and we love one another with the fierceness of a mother protecting threatened cubs. We define our Ajah anew every day, each with our own take on what it means to be Red, but when it matters, we are united, we are one.
We are the Red Ajah.

‎ Red Ajah versus the Books

We get asked a lot if we're like the book Red Ajah.
Well, for one thing, we can't channel (for which we are eternally disappointed), and there's no Breaking for us to prevent so we don't go around hunting down men for gentling!
Nor do we hate men - although it can be argued that neither do all the book Reds - and we don't have a stigma about men either. Many of us are married or in relationships with men, and have male friends both on and off the site. We also have a Brother and several Brothers-to-be... perhaps they hate other men? We haven't asked... If you come to us looking for a tribe of man-haters, you will be disappointed (although we do have plenty of running jokes about us all being evil torturers! See our Traditions for more!)
That said, we are a strong, tight-knit group who share a vision of family and who fiercely protect our own.
Our vision and purpose isn't that of the book Reds, but we share and respect their dedication, their passion, and that is probably the most significant link between us and them. If the site Reds met the book Reds (the Awesome ones, not the Black Ajah-y ones), we would probably get on quite well!

‎ Visiting the Red Ajah

Finally, just to say, for those of you who are guesting, or considering guesting, or just looking to know more about the site groups, we say this: very few of our Aes Sedai would, solely upon reading the books, assume that they would be Red Ajah. The Aes Sedai who have found their way to us, came to us with an open mind, putting the (admittedly) bad rep of (some of) the book Reds behind them and looking at our community group with fresh eyes.
Do the same, and we might well surprise you.

‎ Each symbol of our logo represents a part of our identity as individuals and as a group.

RedAjah5.png Leadership

‎ Current Leadership

‎ The Highest, Head of the Red Ajah: Siusane Sedai
‎ Heart of the Red Ajah: Ajailyn Sedai
‎ Sitters for the Red Ajah: Catt Sedai and Cinna Sedai

‎ Prior Leadership

RedAjah5.png Get To Know the Reds

‎ Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah

‎There are currently 35 active Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. Find out more about the Aes Sedai below!

‎ Addelyn

‎ Ajailyn

‎ Alenya

‎ Alyccea

‎ Anirfyan

‎ Avelina

‎ Calypsa

‎ Catt

‎ Cinna

‎ Dagnidrea

‎ Deleios

‎ Demonfaer

‎ Ealandrelle

‎ Emory

‎ Erin

‎ Estella

‎ Hilwa

‎ Katherine

‎ Keelinnea

‎ Lok

‎ Meirah

‎ Mirshann

‎ Nebka

‎ Osaka

‎ Qamra

‎ Relinya

‎ Sabriane

‎ Sailea

‎ Satrim

‎ Siusane

‎ Teavin

‎ Theolyn

‎ Valadilene

‎ Viktara

‎ Yenie

‎ Retired Aes Sedai

‎ Reds on Red

‎ Aspirants of the Red Ajah

‎There are currently 1 Aspirant of the Red Ajah.

RedAjah5.png Ael

‎ Red Raisings

‎ Red Faces

‎ We know it can be hard to remember who's who, so we put together a Red Facebook where you can see the avatars that the Reds use on the Forums!

RedAjah5.png Red Traditions

We as an Ajah strongly value our traditions!
Those below we share publicly; others are revealed only to those who attain the Red Shawl.

‎ Current Traditions

‎ Tradition: Baby Reds and Real Life Raisings
Baby Reds are Baby Reds. We have a whole bunch of traditions, events and signatures when a new Red is raised.
‎ Tradition: Red Hangouts (incorporating Red Smut)
We often have Hangouts (via Google Hangout). Some of these are Red-only, for the Aes Sedai, our Aspirants, and guests, but some are Open hangouts that anyone can join. They're pretty legendary so do keep an eye out for any announcements that we're due to hang out!
NEXT OPEN HANGOUT: To be decided...
We often advertise open hangouts in City Hall and on the Facebook group.
RedAjah5.png Click the links below to read about more Red Ajah Traditions!

‎ Confusion & Aspiration
‎ Official Drink
‎ The Red Wall
‎ Master & Mistress Titles
‎ Sucking
‎ Red Flowers
‎ Red Sayings
‎ Whips and Chains
‎ Red Ajah Cookbook

‎ Historical Traditions

RedAjah5.png Red Ajah Newsletters

We've revived our Red Newsletter! Stay tuned!

‎ October 2010

‎ January 2011

‎ April 2015

RedAjah5.png Red Freeweeks

We've had some great themes for Shaoman and Bel Tine. Here are links to a few of our favourites, where you can see our signatures, avatars, contests and stories:

‎ Bel Tine 2014

‎ Shaoman 2014

‎ Bel Tine 2015

‎ Shaoman 2015

‎ Bel Tine 2016

‎ Bel Tine 2018

‎ Shaoman 2018

‎ Bel Tine 2019

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