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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from CoT, Ch. 29 and KoD, Ch. 6.


Jurador is a rich town in Altara, east of Coramen. It makes its money with salt.

Stone-built houses with reddish roof tiles line the wide, stone-paved streets that are usually busy with people.

Main Square

The town's main square is a broad expanse of polished stone with a broad round marble fountain in its midst. It is a symbol of Jurador's wealth.

The Lady Aethelaine's palace can also be found in the main square.

Salt Merchants' Houses

The three-story stone-buildings cover eight times as much ground as any other house, each with a columned walk overlooking the street and shielded by white wrought-iron screens between the columns.


The townsfolk Jurador and their style of fashion is not as showy as of the rest of Altara. They have the typical olive skin color of Altarans, but people in Jurador do not wear dresses with deep necklines or sewn-up skirts to display colored petticoats. Their clothes are elaborately embroidered and they all wear long-bladed knives at their belts.

People from Jurador: