Jurah Haret

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Jurah Haret is the innkeeper of the Star in Tear. He is round-faced, stout and balding (TDR, Ch. 50).

He accommodates Moiraine, Perrin and their company at his inn. He tells Loial that it has been a year since he has last seen an Ogier (TDR, Ch. 50).

Even though Moiraine has explicitly told him not to let anyone into her room, Master Haret let in two of the Black Ajah. He did not know them, but the "gift" they wanted to leave for Moiraine made him think it would be a nice surprise for her. Moiraine, of course, is not at all pleased when she finds out (TDR, Ch. 53).


"Haret shook like a bowl of pudding. 'O-only the t-two Ladies, mistress. T-they w-wished to leave a surprise for you. I swear, mistress. T-they showed it t-to me. A little h-hedgehog. T-they said you w-would be surprised.'" (Haret to Moiraine; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 53)