Jurine Najima

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Jurine is a woman living in Canluum, Kandor. She is one of the women on Moiraine's list of possible mothers of the Dragon Reborn (NS, Ch. 17).

Jurine's husband is Josef Najima. She has two daughters, Colar and Eselle, who are thirteen or fourteen, and three sons, the youngest being Jerid. Her husband and all three sons were killed in a fire shortly before Moiraine went to visit her (NS, Ch. 17).

Jurine is not a tall woman, although she is still a hand taller than Moiraine. She has long black hair and blue eyes. Since the death of her husband and sons, her face has shrunken with tragedy and her eyes seem too big for her face (NS, Ch. 17).


  • When her husband goes to fight in the Aiel War, Jurine and their children travel with him. When camp fever strikes, no one in their family gets sick; this is a side-effect of being a channeler/wilder (NS, Ch. 17).
  • Jurine gives birth to a son, Jerid, nearly twenty miles from Dragonmount (NS, Ch. 17).
  • When the Najima family arrives home in Canluum, Josef is granted a livery stable for his service in the Aiel War (NS, Ch. 17).
  • Josef and all three sons are killed when the stable catches on fire, most likely by the Black Ajah. Another possibility is accidental channeling. Jurine and her two daughters are in mourning (NS, Ch. 17).
  • Moiraine visits Jurine to find out if Jerid is the Dragon Reborn. Moiraine tries to give Jurine some money, but she will not accept it (NS, Ch. 17).


  • No Aes Sedai aside from Moiraine has yet called on Jurine (NS, Ch. 17).
  • She seems to think that Moiraine is a foolish outlander noble (NS, Ch. 17).
  • Lady Kareil, a noblewoman in Kandor who recruited Josef to fight in the Aiel War, is providing for Jurine and her daughters (NS, Ch. 17).


"It was all so strange, my Lady," Jurine Najima sighed, and for the tenth time hugged her daughters to her fiercely, as though she would never release them. They seemed to find comfort in the crushing grip. Perhaps thirteen or fourteen, standing on either side of Jurine's chair, Colar and Eselle had her long black hair and large blue eyes still full of loss. Their mother's eyes seemed big, too, in a face shrunken by tragedy, and her plain gray dress appeared made for a larger woman. "Josef was always careful with lanterns in the stable," she went on, "and he never allowed any kind of open flame. The boys must have carried little Jerid out to see their father at his work, and...." Another hollow sigh. "They were all trapped. How could the whole stable be ablaze so fast? It makes no sense." (Jurine to Moiraine; New Spring, Chapter 17).

"The woman's stiff-necked refusal to take the purse irritated her. No, she understood pride, and besides, Lady Kareil had provided. The presence of a clock spoke of a prosperous household. The real irritant was her own desire to be gone. Jurine Najima had lost her husband and three sons in one fiery morning, but her Jerid had been born in the wrong place by almost twenty miles. Moiraine disliked feeling relief in connection with the death of an infant. Yet she did. The dead boy was not the one she sought." (Moiraine; New Spring, Chapter 17).