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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Katar is a city in Arad Doman (CoT, Glossary). It is located in southern Arad Doman, west of the Mountains of Mist, north of the Paerish Swaar (the Darkwood), just south of the River Aluum on one of the roads out of Bandar Eban (TWoRJTWoT).

The city is run by the Lords of Katar. Katar is wealthy enough that, occasionally, the Lords need reminding that they are still part of Arad Doman (CoT, Glossary).

Katar is well known for its mines and forges (CoT, Glossary). Rodel Ituralde thinks to himself that, due to his victories in battle, the Lords of Katar have learned not to sell the products of their mines and forges to the enemies of Arad Doman (CoT, Prologue).

In the time of the Compact of Ten Nations, Iman, the capital city of Safer, was located on the site of present-day Katar (TWoRJTWoT).