Lan Mandragoran (TV Series)

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Book TV show
A close up of Daniel Henney playing Lan Mandragoran. Image: Amazon Studios
Lan Mandragoran
Nationality Malkier
Affiliation Warder
Social Status Noble
First Appearance Episode 1
Actor Daniel Henney

Author: Ilissa al'Nari

Pronunciation: LAN man-DRAG-or-an

Lan Mandragoran is one of the main characters in the book and television series The Wheel of Time. In the TV show, Lan is played by the American actor Daniel Henney.

WARNING! The next sections contain spoilers for the Wheel of Time television series.


Lan Mandragoran is the Warder of Moiraine Damodred. He is also the rightful heir to the lost nation of Malkier, which has been swallowed by the Blight. This happened when Lan himself was a babe, and he was carried to Shienar by men who risked their lives to save his. He is developing a romantic relationship to Nynaeve, a villager woman from Emond's Field.


Lan has dark hair, which is typically bound up in an orderly bun at the back of his head. His face is stoic, and he rarely reveals much emotion. Circling his head is a thin, brown, leather tong that looks like it's seen years of use. He wears clothes that are typically fairly dark, and is rarely seen without the sword he normally wears strapped to his back. He has the body of a fighting man - muscled, but fairly lean.


Lan is a man for whom honor and duty is of paramount importance. He takes his bond to Moiraine Damodred very seriously, and is vexed the few times she masks their bond. He is not an easily excitable man and may seem cool to those who do not gain his trust.

Lan's Journey

Season 1

In episode 1 Lan follows Moiraine to the Two Rivers, and assists the villagers of Emond's Field when Trollocs and a Fade attack.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 1: Leavetaking. Please expand to view.

Lan and Moiraine watch as members of the Red Ajah capture and gentle a man who can channel. Lan says he is of the same age as the Dragon would be according to the prophecies, but Moiraine says it is not him. They ride on to the Two Rivers.

In Emond's Field Lan enters the inn first when they arrive the night before Bel Tine, and announces Moiraine with a simple introduction: "This is Moiraine". Once settled they enjoy a bath together, and on Lan's behest Moiraine heats the water with the One Power. The day after Lan and Moiraine walk around the town together, and after their walk Lan heads up into the woods alone. There he finds many carcasses on the ground, organized in the shape of a Dragon's Fang. Standing close enough to the town to hear the music he tells Moiraine that there is a Fade and several trollocs nearby and that they have to leave.

When the trollocs attack Emond's Field Lan and Moiraine quickly make their way into town to engage in the fighting. Working together and protecting each other they occupy many trollocs, and Lan shows his prowess with a sword by slaying three trollocs in one stroke. When Moiraine's shoulder is pierced by a knife thrown by one of the trollocs he catches her, and protects her while she gathers enough of the Power to fell the entire group in front of them. When the building behind them crumbles he protects Moiraine with his own body.

The next day Lan accompanies Moiraine while she heals Rand's father, and notifies Moiraine that the trolloc danger is still not over while she explains to Rand that the trollocs are there in order to find him and his friends. Lan says there are at least 300 more trollocs in the mountains and that they must go. He rides first when the group leaves Emond's Field behind.

In episode 2 Lan takes the group into Shadar Logoth when Trollocs attack the camp in the night, and rescues Moiraine when Mashadar comes.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 2: Shadow's Waiting. Please expand to view.

Lan pays the riverman at Taren Ferry as the Trollocs are in hot pursuit. When they come across the river he cuts the moorings of the ferry, and he tries to ensure that the group has managed to evade the Trollocs and the Fade.

The next morning Lan steps between Rand and Moiraine when he strides angrily towards her, and watches Rand, Perrin, Mat and Egwene while they argue about what to do. He scouts ahead, sees the Whitecloaks and reports back to Moiraine who gives him her ring for safekeeping.

After several days Lan has the group make camp close to Shadar Logoth, in spite of Moiraine's questioning whether it is safe. He reamins on guard while the others sleep, and when Trollocs attack during the night he takes them into the city and one of its abandoned palaces. He tells the four youths about the story of Aridhol and how it became Shadar Logoth, and warns them not to touch anything. When Mashadar finds them his primary concern is Moiraine and getting her out. He is stunned when Nynaeve puts a knife to his throat and demands to know where her friends are.


- "I am from the Borderlands, where men know to keep their hands to themselves - lest they lose them." (to Child Valda, while he is searching Moiraine.)

- "It's all right, I am here" (to Moiraine, when she wakes up in Shadar Logoth.)

In episode 3 Lan convinces Nynaeve to help Moiraine, and leads the two women to join a group of Aes Sedai and Warders led by Liandrin Sedai.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 3: A Place of Safety. Please expand to view.

Lan tries to talk Nynaeve into assisting Moiraine, but eventually knocks her out and ties her to a tree after she tries to attack. Some time later he gives Nynaeve water and unties her, monitoring her carefully while she collects herbs and then assists Moiraine. He asks how she managed to track him, but gets no answer. After some time he rides off to find a vantage point, and then guides Moiraine and Nynaeve to where they can meet up with Liandrin and a group of Aes Sedai and Warders who have captured a man who can channel.


- "You think you know this world. You know nothing. The Dark One is coming for your friends. Moiraine has fought his forces with everything she has."

- "You said you tracked me. All the way from the Two Rivers to Shadar Logoth. How?"

In episode 4 Lan saves Nynaeve's life when Logain's army attacks, and is saved by her Healing in turn.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 4: The Dragon Reborn. Please expand to view.

In the Aes Sedai camp led by Liandrin Sedai Lan trains with Stepin Gaidin and goes into the general guarding rotation. He interrupts Liandrin and Nynaeve, and invites the latter to join him and his friends at their fire. In the banter by the fire Lan is mostly quiet, but he visits Moiraine in her tent and they talk about how they lost the Emond Fielders. The next morning Lan goes into the woods to meditate and is found by Nynaeve, who recites the last thing her parents said to her in the Old Tongue. Lan translates it for her, and then runs down to join the fighting when Logain's army attack. Lan saves Nynaeve's life when she is attacked, and shortly after is hit in the neck with a shard when Logain breaks free. Lan is about to bleed out when Nynaeve Heals him and several others at the same time in an uncontrolled burst of the Power.


"The Aes Sedai will get Logain to the Tower as fast as they can. If your friends aren't there already, there will be resources we can use to find them. We promised we would. You are welcome to our fire if you promise not to shove anyone into it."


"I shouldn't have had a drink. You always get emotional when I drink."

"Seven times for the seven Towers of Malkier. For the home we lost. For the home we shall find again, in this life or the next."

In episode 5 Lan acts as First Mourner at Stepin's funeral rites.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 5: Blood Calls Blood. Please expand to view.

Lan attends the funeral of Kerene Sedai and the others who died in the battle with Logain's army, and puts a hand on Stepin Gaidin's shoulder to comfort him. A month later the group of Aes Sedai and Warders approach Tar Valon, and Moiraine and Lan talk about finding Rand, Mat, Egwene and Perrin as they ride toward the city. When they come to the Tower Lan and Moiraine lead Nynaeve to the Warders' quarters.

Lan comes in to Stepin's quarters as he is dressed up for the funeral, and listens to Stepin's story about how he became Kerene's Warder. Lan touches Stepin's shoulder and encourages him to become one of Alanna's Warders, and acts as a honor guard when Stepin puts Kerene's ring into the melting pot. After the ceremony Lan goes to Moiraine's quarters, and they share a quiet moment of grief. In the evening Lan again seeks out Stepin and attempts to comfort him, offering to stay the night. The two men talk about love and life, but when Lan wakes the next morning he finds Stepin has killed himself. In the rites that follow, Lan acts as First Mourner.


"A long time since we've been home."

"She's worried, about Stepin. Gaidin are not supposed to survive their Aes Sedai."

"How was the procession?"

"You're assuming they want you!"

"Well, I can tolerate a lot."

In episode 6, Lan performs a series of tasks for Moiraine, mostly in the form of following her to where she needs to be and summoning the people she needs to meet.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 6: The Flame of Tar Valon. Please expand to view.

Lan waits outside the Hall while Moiraine is being questioned by Siuan Sanche, the Amyrlin Seat. He follows her to where Rand and Mat stay in Tar Valon, and assists when Moiraine heals Mat of the connection with the dagger from Shadar Logoth. He is once more pertubed when Moiraine masks their bond, and they talk about how vulnerable Moiraine's situation is. The next day Lan calls for Loial to meet him and Moiraine in the Tower, and then fetches Nynaeve to meet Egwene and Moiraine in the Hall of the Tower. Lan offers to stand with Moiraine when she is to face the Amyrlin Seat's judgement, but she declines, instead instructing him to make sure the Emond Fielders meet her at the Waygate. He is the second person to move into the Ways after Moiraine.


"Don't be stupid"

"You masked our bond"

"Be back before dawn (...) Did it sound like a suggestion?"

"Give her my love"

"It's time. I'll stand in the Hall with you if you want."

In episode 7, Lan visits his adopted family in Fal Dara, and spends the night with Nynaeve.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 7: The Dark Along The Ways. Please expand to view.

As the group walk through the ways, Lan remains on constant alert and notices that someone or something is following them. He stands guard while the others sleep. When Machin Shin comes upon them he hears that he will never be able to protect Moiraine. He grabs hold of Nynaeve and they flee the Waygate together. In Fal Dara Lan is greeted as Dai Shan. The night before they plan to leave for the Eye, Moiraine and Lan talk about the life they've had together, and Lan goes to see one of the men who brought him to Fal Dara as an infant and his family. He notices Nynaeve spying on him, and invites her to join them. After the dinner Lan says good night to Nynaeve outside his chambers, but after some time she comes back and they spend the night together. In the early morning Lan tells Nynaeve about how his family was slain, and when he realizes Moiraine has masked their bond he comes to Nynaeve's room, where Egwene and Perrin are waiting.


"What if it's him?"

"I owe Moiraine three silvers. You were scowling, I bet on pouting. Mat is safer there than here. I can promise you that."

"Do you know what did that to the guiding? There is something following us."

"We will never make it to our Waygate. How far is to the Waygate of Fal Dara?"

"They will come (...) You have given them a semblance of a choice, that is all they need."

"I don't think you would call this tracking (...) Are you just going to stand there, or do you plan to come in?"

"Everyone, this is Nynaeve. Nynaeve, this is everyone."

"She doesn't own me (...) No more than those kids own you."

In episode 8, Lan goes after Moiraine and Rand into the Blight, and finds the former after Rand has left her.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 8: The Eye of the World. Please expand to view.

Hours after Rand and Moiraine have left, Nynaeve and Lan talk in Fal Dara. Nynaeve reveals she knows how Lan can find Moiraine and Rand, and after telling her he loves her, Lan asks her to tell him where Moiraine and Rand are. Lan follows the two into the Blight, and finds Moiraine after Rand has left.


"She doesn't want to be followed. Not for what she's facing now."

"You are a remarkable woman, Wisdom."

"I will hate the man you choose because he is not me, and I will love him if he makes you smile. You are as beautiful as the sunrise, you are as fierce as a warrior. You are a lioness, Wisdom. Tell me how to find them."

"Unmask the Bond. Let me back in."

"I thought that Heartstone couldn't be scratched, that nothing, not even the One Power, could break it."

Season 2

In episode 1 Lan follows Moiraine when she seeks refuge with Verin, her Warder and Adeleas.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 1: A Taste of Solitude. Please expand to view.

He practices swordforms, acts as a go-between when Moiraine receives numerous visits from different people and spends time with their hosts.

When Bayle Domon visits he gets frustrated with Moiraine because she won’t share what Domon has told her, and expresses this frustration.

When Moiraine leaves the farm in the night and is attacked by Fades Lan steps in and cuts the head off one of the Fades, but has to be saved in turn by Verin and her Warder.


- "What aren't you telling me?"

In episode two Lan recuperates after the attack, and then travels towards the Tower.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 2: Stangers and Friends. Please expand to view.

At first he is with Moiraine, but she leaves after telling Lan to go to the White Tower with Alanna Sedai and her Warders. Lan takes with him a letter he took from Moiraine's saddlebags.


- "I swore myself to you because I trusted you."

In episode three Lan plays an important role in Nynaeve's third Arch.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 3: What Might Be. Please expand to view.

In the Arch he meets Nynaeve after she decides to leave the Tower, and they have a child together. They live in the Two Rivers when the trollocs attack. Lan dies.


- "I could come with you. If you will have me."

In episode four Lan is with Alanna, her Warders and her family.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 4: Daughter of the Night. Please expand to view.

Alanna invites him to go to Tar Valon with them, and both her and her two Warders talk to him about his relationship with Moiraine.

Lan is not shown on-screen in episode five.

In episode six Lan travels with Alanna and her Warders. They meet up with the Amyrlin Seat on the road, and in Cairhien they stop Rand from leaving.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 6: Eyes Without Pity. Please expand to view.

On the road Lan, Alanna and her Warders stop at a temple to the Forsaken. Lan tries to leave in the night, but the Warders and Alanna stop him and then proceed to question himmabout the poem about Lanfear they found in his things and whether he is a Darkfriend. Lan tells them he and Moiraine found the Dragon Reborn.


"We found the Dragon Reborn."

In episode seven Lan is in Cairhien.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 7: Daes Dae'Mar. Please expand to view.

He meets Rand, and prepares him to meet the Amyrlin Seat. Later he visits Moiraine and asks if she has ever considered suicide after what happened at the Eye of the World.

Later he follows Moiraine as she has an audience with the Amyrlin Seat, and then visits Logain in the asylum, learning that Moiraine has weaves on her, spun by a man. He is called away by Alanna when Lanfear attacks the city, and goes with Moiraine, Rand and Lanfear into the Ways.


- "Whatever comes, you face it on your feet."

In episode eight, Lan is on the beach close to Faelm with Moiraine.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 8: What Was Meant to Be. Please expand to view.

He resumes his bond with Moiraine, and then defends her while she attacks the Seanchan ships.


- "I believe in what you do."