Letter from the (Assistant) Editor: January 2018

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Author: Kyla Sterling, January 2018

2017-12 TVT Banner 4.png

Hello, Tar Valon!

Maibella's off on a cruise vacation, and I'm freezing my tail off in Illinois.

But she left me in charge for the first edition of the New Year, and of course I get to it late. :p BUT!

Lateness is greatness, because we have an AWESOME edition of the Times for you this month! SO MANY ARTICLES! You've never seen so many great articles. Our articles are the BEST articles!

look *cough* Sorry. :$

Anyway, we've got travel tips, delicious soup, beer and coffee, plus the return of a favorite column! (TMIQEA is totally a favorite, right? RIGHT? :look) The intrepid reporters have been typing away, bringing us some fantastic Eye of the World highlights plus all your important site goings-on.

Have a look!