Letter from the Editor: August 2017

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Author: Maibella Rhoiden, August 2017

TVT editor letter.png

Welcome to the new boards! I have to say, I am VERY impressed with the new site. There are so many little things that make me happy about it. ^^ I know there have been a few snags but hopefully you all are enjoying the new look and the new functions as much as I am. The Tech Team has done a fantastic job! :joy

There is just one little thing that is bugging me about the new boards ... the Tar Valon Times doesn't have a home (yet). *gasp* The Tech Team is still working out the best possible solution for us, and we're waiting patiently to see how things turn out, but that has made it a bit ... um ... let's say "challenging" ... to get this month's edition to you. :lol Thank you to all my amazing Reporters for their patience with this transition!

This month in the TVT we visit Crete, learn about the Fine Arts Forum, sample lemon bars, dig into the playstyle of a Mafia enthusiast, and learn about one member's new podcast. I hope you enjoy it all!