Lord of Chaos: Chapter 34

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Author: Val a'Shain

Flame of Tar Valon Chapter Icon.png

Journey to Salidar

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Point of View: Egwene

Setting: The World of Dreams

Characters: Egwene, Sheriam, Siuan, Myrelle


Egwene travels to Salidar through the World of Dreams. She is told she is to become the next Amyrlin Seat.


Egwene dresses and packs her things. She will have to leave behind most of the things. Even the tent itself now belongs to her but she can't take it. She packs the last of her things and embraces saidar. The weave she has in mind works and soon she is in Tel'aran'rhiod. Her control over the World of Dreams is still the same. She summons Bela as a means of transportation. She decides on a padded saddle, that isn't cheating is it?

On Bela the world becomes a blur beneath her. With Siuan's instructions it isn't hard to find Salidar. At the edge of the village, it is larger than she expected actually, she steps back into the real world. She find someone to take her to Sheriam and soon she is in a room with the Aes Sedai who summoned her. Siuan is among them. She is Aes Sedai again. Nynaeve can Heal stilling! She does notice Siuan is not as strong in the Power as she used to be though.

The Aes Sedai hadn't really expected her back so soon. Myrelle offers her a seat but Egwene doesn't want to expose her behind to a hard wooden chair yet. The Aes Sedai seem excited to see her and hesitant to get to business. Siuan forces them though, or the Hall will gut them and Egwene. Then Sheriam tells her she is to become the next Amyrlin Seat.


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