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How to get involved with TarValon.Net Administration

Our administration is extensive. On any given day, we might have over 100 administrators and staff involved in running our community. A good portion of these positions are rotating or temporary positions, which means that there is ample opportunity for all of our members to get involved, no matter their rank. As most of our members want to help in some way or another, this is one of the best parts of having a community and an administration this size.

Despite the fact that there are so many positions that exist, many members find it difficult to get involved. They don't know when positions open up, or they do but aren't sure how to apply for positions, or they do apply but get rejected repeatedly and don't know why. This portion of the membership manual exists to help clarify the process of getting involved.

Applying for positions

The first step is to know when positions come open and where to find that information. Retirements, position descriptions, and position openings for static administrative positions are posted in Site Announcements and occasionally in our Community News. Check these resources often for posted position openings. Temporary or rotating positions are announced in Site Announcements and on Social Media. Sometimes they're posted in more appropriate forums. Most temporary staff positions are positions on committees that are formed for our official events, such as the decorations committee or the food committee. Position openings for these committees are announced in the forum for the event for which they are formed. Position openings for the Hall and Council are announced in Senior Members and private Ajah/Company forums.

If a position opens up that you are interested in, review the criteria. Some criteria are hard and fast—rank requirements are usually solid. However, other criteria are a little more flexible. If the posting asks that applicants have been a member of the community for a year, but you've only been a member for 10.5 months, and you meet all the other criteria, apply! At most, it will only be a slight black mark against your application, and even if you don't get the position because of the time requirement, it still serves the purpose of alerting the administration to your strengths and skills and your desire to contribute.

How to write an application

A stellar application can make all the difference in making yourself a top candidate for a position. There are certain ways to accomplish this. One should state what makes one qualified to hold the position, and share ideas for the future which could contribute to the betterment of the applicable area. A strong vision with the future in mind and an apparent understanding of the position's purpose are some of the most significant ways to stand out among a group of applications.

Of course, remember to include everything asked for in the instructions for application included in the post where the open position is announced. Be sure to follow all directions, including the format of the email, sending it to all the requested addresses, and sending the application on time. The member is encouraged to send in the application as soon as he or she is able. (However, be sure to take the necessary time to write a thorough and carefully written application.) Though certainly not a guarantee, those reviewing applications might have more time to consider and debate the intricacies of an application sent earlier than one sent just before the deadline. Promptness is remembered.

If you do not get the position

There are many reasons why an applicant may not be chosen for a position. Often, a number of qualified members apply when there is only one position to be given, or only a limited number may be chosen. In these situations, there are many who could do the job justice, and it becomes difficult to choose among them. This is a compelling indication of how very dedicated and accomplished our members are.

If a member is turned down for one or even many positions, he or she should not necessarily take this as an indicator of inadequacy. The administration encourages members to apply to any positions open for which members feel they are qualified and able. In the past, members have been turned down numerous times for positions, only to later gain a position which ends up being ideal for them. A good application will stand out and be remembered long after a position is filled. Do not be discouraged.

At the same time, please keep in mind that those who have selected the one to fill the position have done so after very careful deliberation. Every applicant is considered, and points are weighed carefully. Please remember to give the same consideration to those who have made the decision. If a member feels that he or she will be upset if not selected, then the member should not apply. Bear in mind that the majority of applicants do not receive the position.

Red flags

Several things can cause concerns to be raised. Members with significant histories of disciplinary issues or inability to get along with others will be less likely to receive a position, particularly positions which require heavy usage of tact, discretion, and respect. Also, if the member's application for the position is sparse, this counts against the member, as the contents of the application are among the most important things considered. Not following the procedures laid out in the application posting or not following the format will also count against you.