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What is the Department of Outreach

The Department of Online Events coordinates and executes all of the Free Weels and other online activities .

What are the Duties of this Department?

The Department Director provides direction for the community's online events. S/he handles any staffing issues within the Department.

The Online Events Coordinator organizes activities that occur on a community-wide level on our message boards and chat rooms, including birthday lists and celebrations. Considers creative methods in which site-wide events can impact the real world.

The Online Events Team assists the Outreach Activities Coordinator with planning and facilitating our online activities.

The Guild Coordinator leads and manages the establishment of our community’s guild associations.

The Game Masters run and facilitate the running of Mafia and Assassins games. They also run other games depending on interest within the community, both forum-based and via Discord. Game Masters monitor the Frivolous Fun and Virtual Events forums.

Emails Within this Department

Department Director

Online Activities Coordinator

Chain of Command

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