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What is the Department of Research and Records?

This Department handles all of our research about The Wheel of Time and about our community's history. The researchers have compiled a vast amount of information that both members and non-members alike will enjoy sifting through.

What are the duties of this Department?

The Department Director assigns new articles, performs revisions on current articles, and handles all staffing issues that may arise.

The Assistant to the Director assists the Department Director however the Department Director needs.

The Tower Historian is in charge of tracking our community's history, such as new administrators and official events.

The Events Historian is responsible for keeping track of our real life events.

The Awards Historian is responsible for updating the sections of our library relating to our various awards.

The Headteachers are in charge of the Classroom forum and its participants.

Editors assist the Director in writing articles, checking articles for factual and grammatical errors, and formatting articles for the wiki.

The Survey Project Manager runs the annual Membership Survey

Emails within this Department

Department Director

Tower Historian

Awards Historian

Event Historian


Chain of Command

Flow chart detailing the chain of command for the Department of Research and Records

File:File:Research and Records-2022-07-01.png

All staff and administrators in this Department should contact the Department Director first with any concerns or retirements. If the Department Director is unavailable or does not respond in a timely fashion, contact the Assistant. Once that avenue is exhausted, then you should contact the Archivist. Please allow ample time for everyone to respond before moving up the chain of command.

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