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What is the Department of Technology?

This Department takes care of all of our technical needs, from dealing with hosting to creating simple registration forms to creating dynamic databases that handle all of our administrative needs.

What are the duties of this Department?

The Department Director oversees all staffing issues within this Department. The Director manages all technical projects, from assigning staff to monitoring completion. They also directly advise the Officers about the feasibility and desirability of potential projects.

The Master of the Watch handles all issues that directly involve hosting and servers. They also help with projects, as necessary.

Staff in this Department help in a variety of ways, from helping the Director think of ways to improve existing features to coding new technical projects.

Emails within this Department

Department Director

Illuminator and Wanshu

Board username changes, email issues, and other technical concerns

Chain of Command

Flow chart detailing the chain of command for the Department of Technology


All technical concerns should first be directed toward the Master of the Watch. Any concerns that cannot be answered by the Master of the Watch, all other concerns, and retirements should be sent to the Department Director first. If the Department Director is unavailable or does not respond in a timely fashion, then you should contact the Keeper. Please allow ample time for everyone to respond before moving up the chain of command.

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