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Community members must create a first and last name for use within the site, which sounds like it could be found in the world of The Wheel of Time. Names:

  • Must match your real-life gender identity.
  • May not contain a title which you have not earned (such as Sedai or Gaidin).
  • May not be an exact name from the books (unless that character was named after you).
  • May not be the exact same as anyone else in the community (last names may be shared only with a real-life relative or spouse).

If you would like to see names currently in use by our membership, please check our Who’s Who here.


Avatars must be square and a minimum of 200x200 pixels and have a file size no larger than 50kb. Only .gif, .png and .jpg files are accepted. Animated avatars are not allowed. Your avatar must be of a humanoid and may not have any inappropriate content in accordance with our Code of Conduct. If you would like to use a photo of a real person, it must be of you. You may not use the same avatar as anyone else in the community. You must use open-source images or have permission from the artist to use it. TarValon.Net does not take responsibility for the images used by our members and, if you are found to be using an image illegally, you will be asked to change it. Examples of avatars currently in use can also be found in the Who's Who.


We have a few guidelines in place for the signatures that our Visitors and Community Members use on our forums. They must not be excessively wide, nor should they be excessively long or possess flashing logos or scrolling text. Banners must be *.gif, *.jpg, or *.png files and may not exceed 450x100 pixels. There may be up to two lines of text in a signature with a banner, no matter the size of the banner. Text-based sigs shall be no more than ten lines. The use of a few small, personalized emoticons is allowed. Lines including emoticons count for two lines, unless the emoticon is on the same line as your signature banner. Please use your discretion with signatures; crude or offensive signatures may be asked to be removed. Relationships not officially recognized by TarValon.Net as familial relationships (such as e-spouses, near-siblings, etc) are not allowed in signatures.

Hosting for Avatars and Signatures

  • Avatars are currently housed via your Member Home on our main site. To upload your avatar, click on the edit tab in your Member Home and scroll down to the Upload Picture box. Avatars over 50kb or different dimensions than 110x170 pixels will not be accepted. This avatar will show up in your profile, in the Who's Who, and on the forums.
  • Hosting your signatures is your responsibility. If you would like to host your images yourself, there are several options. Many people have their own domains and webspace now; if you are one of those people, you can use your own space to host your images. If you do not have your own domain and webspace, there are several websites that will allow you to host your images for free. Please be aware that many hosting websites do not allow remote linking, which means that your images would not show up.
  • In the event that you do not wish to host your images yourself, there are several Community Members who are willing to host images for our Community Members. This is in some ways easier than hosting it yourself, but it does mean that you are at the mercy of someone else. To ensure that your images are not lost forever, please make sure to save a copy of each image you have hosted by someone else on your hard drive.

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